Which laptop for home and small business???

  thomo1971 18:49 28 Jul 2007

Myself and partner want to get a laptop that is suitable for general home use but can also be utilised as a computer for two small home based businesses.

We are hoping not to spend any more than about £500 but this is flexible.

I am now so confused having been browsing the net, Dell, Acer, Mesh, Evesham, PC World, Dixons etc etc.

Someone who knows and is not biased in a company please help before we go mad.
Thanks in anticipation...

  Totally-braindead 18:58 28 Jul 2007

I'm not an expert on laptops however I personally would get a Toshiba if I was going to get one. They are sturdy, well built and very reliable.

I would recommend that as its getting used for business that you get an external hard drive as a back up for your business files and perhaps a program such as Acronis Drive Image which will back up everything.

Even the best of computers fail and if you're talking about business then its foolish to have no backup.

As an example of a nice Toshiba click here might be overkill for you but its got XP on it rather than Vista so would run happily on the 512mb ram. There are cheaper ones, PC World are doing one for less than £400 as an example.
Any laptop will really do what you are asking but personally I like Toshibas, two of my friends have them and use them for their business and so far they have been 100% reliable.

  acxxxx 19:03 28 Jul 2007

Have a read through this post seems £500 Laptops are all the rage at the moment

click here

  thomo1971 19:25 28 Jul 2007

Is this a common query then and what do you suggest

  Totally-braindead 20:12 28 Jul 2007

Its very common, I've already given my suggestion. I wouldn't touch Mesh with a bargepole have a search through the threads for Mesh, Dell are ok as are Evesham. PC World and Dixons are just retailers not builders. Worth checking for a deal but they don't do their own computers, though they do do some special offers.

  acxxxx 20:16 28 Jul 2007

The HP looked good

click here

Do you want to go that high in price? AlexisC thinks she can get 8% off.

If not have a look at this

click here

  Will Hs 22:49 28 Jul 2007

Hi Thomo, I'm also looking to buy a laptop, similar budget. The Sony above seems especially cheap at £550, although other brands like Acer offer same spec for a bit cheaper. Is it worth paying more for the Sony? I've seen some people on this site don't rate Sony. Any thoughts anyone?

  jarani 23:17 28 Jul 2007

see these at click here - just got a toshiba Tecra - jarani

  woodchip 23:38 28 Jul 2007

If you have room, I would suggest a Desktop as these can be repaired quite easy. If you get a Laptop, You may be better paying for extra cover. As it can cost more than it's worth to repair one

  Will Hs 23:52 28 Jul 2007

Thanks folks. Good to get some more ideas (we've got a desktop already - the laptop is for the missus!). cclonline seems good - what's the Toshiba like?

  Totally-braindead 23:55 28 Jul 2007

woodchip raises an interesting and valid point.

If you do buy a laptop and it either gets damaged or fails repairs in general can only be done by a specialist, now even assumming you cover yourself financialy with insurance can you cope without a computer for maybe a couple of weeks, maybe a month?

Desktops can be repaired relatively easily, if you still have internet access you can come to the likes of here and get advice and perhaps repair it yourself. If thats too technical for you theres tons of computer shops that can repair it for you. This is not the case with laptops, its a specialist thing, parts are not interchangeable like desktop parts are to a great degree.

If you need a laptop and a desktop will not do then buy a branded laptop. A good branded laptop. Dell are ok but I still think the Toshibas are better. Of course its entirely up to you.

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