which laptop c £1200 ish

  catkinq 18:44 16 Dec 2009

I want to buy a laptop - I want it primarily for working (word processing and some basic programming) away from a power source but need to be able to run several things at once. I've been looking at the HP Envy 15 but have seen lots of conflictin greviews, esp wrt battery life. Please could anyone tell me - is the i7 processor a huge drain on the battery (again I get conflicting advice)? And what counts as a "power hungry application?" Any advice/information/suggestions for better laptops much appriciated. :)

  peter99co 19:13 16 Dec 2009

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This may help with battery life problems.

I would consider this myself but manage at this time with the two hour life on my old ACER

  wee eddie 00:28 17 Dec 2009

Unless you are working for Pixar, Harraps (the Architects) or maybe redesigning Lewis Hamilton's car, then half that much should do the business.

If, of course you're talking about bragging rights, why stop at £1200.

  catkinq 00:52 17 Dec 2009

I don't #want# a basic laptop - I need it for work and work involves mainly word processing/DTP but I also want to be able to use it as a temporary substitute for my desktop so that I can upgrade and generally mess around with my desktop without having to panic so much when it won't reboot- hence my plan of having the laptop as a back up computer as well as for work.

  wee eddie 05:55 17 Dec 2009

A £350 one will do all you have told us about. The rest is just window-dressing.

Look, I can see no reason why you should not spend £1200, but I am trying to point out that you can do everything that you have told us about at between 1/3rd and 1/2 that price.

  Terry Brown 07:42 17 Dec 2009

If you want to spend that much for a laptop, I'm sure any of the computer stores would be glad to take your money.

  catkinq 10:29 17 Dec 2009

okay I will rephrase my question - if you had a budget of £1200ish which laptop would you buy if computing speed and multitasking and battery life were your objectives.

  wee eddie 12:31 17 Dec 2009

What software will it be using?

Office Suite, CAD, Movie & Video Editing Software, Games, Football Manager type or On-line Shooter.

  catkinq 13:01 17 Dec 2009

OS - Windows 7; Office2007 and a load of Open university software relatin gto downloading and marking work and running a very basic compiler; also possibly some video editing software (which I haven't bought yet so can be flexible on) and possibly various mathemtical programs like Mathematica and MathsCad. Also JAVA, C++ and Haskel compliers.

  EARLR 16:31 18 Dec 2009

There are several Custom Computer builders out there.
Let us know how you make out.

Good luck.

  snv123 21:36 18 Dec 2009

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