Which Lappy to buy:Advice if you can please?

  buel 22:30 23 Nov 2009

Hi, im in a bit of a quandary! I regularly look for a laptop to buy from Pc Advisor and i would always prefer to buy the options in their 'Top 5' catogories.
This month i was looking at the Acer Aspire Timeline 5810TG-944G50Mn for £876 or the Medion Akoya P8610 HD for £700
However, in a link i had from Ebuyer i noticed these 2 laptops and to the untrained eye (me) they look as good but for much cheaper (ie- equal hard drive capacity, 4gb of Ram, both have Vista etc)
Where is the catch please?

click here

click here

  GaT7 16:24 24 Nov 2009

From what I can see, the Acer 5810TG (click here) has a significantly superior CPU, slightly better graphics & networking, plus inbuilt Bluetooth & webcam. What I cannot figure out is why it's £325 dearer than the other Acer you linked to.

The Medion P8610's (click here) main advantages are the larger screen (almost 3" larger), Blu-Ray reader, much better graphics & slightly better CPU. Another not worth the £780 asking price at present IMO, but still better value than the Acer 5810TG.

I guess, in the end, it all comes down to what you'll be using the laptop for, & your specific needs - do you require an expensive Blu-Ray reader for instance? Do you need a gaming-grade graphics card? G

  DieSse 16:30 24 Nov 2009

"both have Vista"

It'll be Windows7 you should be looking for now, surely.

  User-1229748 16:30 24 Nov 2009

i think the medion come with a 3 year warranty.they do if bought from aldi.

  GaT7 16:34 24 Nov 2009

Yes, as DieSse suggests, definitely get one with Win7 pre-installed. G

  buel 21:21 25 Nov 2009

That is odd why the Acer 5810TG is so much more expensive(£325) more than the other one (who's link no longer seems to work) I think this was the one:
click here

In answer to your point, to be honest i just use my current old laptop to surf, convert audio/video and burn DVDs, not to 'game' with or ever watch a Blueray DVD (never have seen one) so does that mean that i should be paying around and up to the £600 mark and not really ablove please?

  DieSse 22:05 25 Nov 2009

I would have thought way way less than £600 for what you're doing.

  buel 17:30 28 Nov 2009

Hi again, im sorry to bother you all again but i have another question: As im going to get a new laptop and im ultra cautious i was wondering if there are any 'traits' with certain brands of laptops? ie: Im sure someone once told me on here that a particular brand always comes shipped with bloatware/crap software that isn't really essential etc etc. Could anyone please clarify this and give me their opinion?
Just so you know, the laptops im looking at are a Medion, an Acer and a Sony Vaio.

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