Which ISP to use Laptop Abroad

  Slack Alice 17:33 15 Jun 2006

I need to take my laptop to Russia/Eastern Europe, Asia and Spain. Spain has it's own telephone line, the other countries would be using hotel lines. Which ISP would be the best to use to cover those countries? The laptop has wireless capabilities, would that make a difference with selection?

  Diodorus Siculus 20:01 15 Jun 2006

To be honest, I'd look for an internet café - they are easy to get in any town in Eastern Europe and Russia as well as Spain.

Having said that, maybe someone who travels more than I will have their own solution.

  Slack Alice 12:47 21 Jun 2006

Great idea, but I'm bringing it for business and will be staying in hotels where I usually use the hotel business centre. I need to arrange to to use my own laptopm, but don't know which ISP would cover those areas, or indeed if all ISP's do.

  Taff™ 02:36 22 Jun 2006

I suggest you stick with your own ISP. Check out their settings for webmail on your account - you normally access the internet from the hotel facilities and go to your ISP homepage. From there there is a link to webmail. Enter username and password and there`s all your e-mail!

Do check with the hotels what they charge for a dial up connection from your room or business centre. It`s often extortionate compared with the UK. When I was in Dubai recently one hotel charged me 20p a minute whilst another a flat rate of 40p per call. An Internet Cafe over the road charged about £1.50 per hour for connecting my own laptop to their broadband LAN - make sure your firewall is up to scratch though if you do this.

  stlucia 08:34 22 Jun 2006

I'm with AOL and I've used them abroad using dial-up. Just have to get the local access numbers for whatever town you're going to be in off their web site before you leave home.

I don't know how it works (if it does) on broadband.

  Slack Alice 10:06 22 Jun 2006

Thanks folks, that's really helpful. The computers are already set up at work and home by outsiders, so I've little idea on how to do this.
So I now understand that I can just plug in from a hotel (and yes, you are right about the phone charges, but my husband also wants to use the laptop to access his emails while he's away and he's pretty much a computer virgin. We're looking at a the most convenient way of doing this, so that rules out Internet cafe's). AOL is the only 'overseas' ISP that I've heard of, but I didn't know if there were others. I assume I install AOL, or A N Other, to provide the broadband and I'm then set up?
To take this further, I'd like to use the laptop at home to replace my very old PC. My son also has a laptop and we believe both are wireless. I believe a 'router' will be needed for this. Is it as straightforward as setting up the wireless connections/hardware and then installing whatever for the ISP?

  Taff™ 13:32 22 Jun 2006

Basically yes! click here for some basic ideas on what you need. If you have a BT line follow the ADSL Router/Modem link - If it`s cable choose that option.

  Slack Alice 15:49 23 Jun 2006

Thanks Taff. I assume an ASDL router is a faster one, but what's a cable router?

  Taff™ 20:10 23 Jun 2006

It depends who your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is. If you have cable it`s normally Telewest or NTL - They are now the same company. Most of us mere mortals pay our bills to BT. Thats the ADSL option and broadband providers (Pipex, PlusNet, Tiscali, AOL, Wanadoo, etc) all provide services through a regular BT telephone line. Cable is actually in theory faster!

  Slack Alice 17:13 29 Jun 2006

Ah, yes of course. Thanks TAff, I will look at all this over the weekend but hopefully that answers my questions.

  herbyeel 12:15 30 Jun 2006

Hi, You may find this website interesting. This company supplies a free software disc which gives you access to ISP in europe and possibly the world. I have recently got the software for Spain but have not tried it yet. I would add that Spain is a very difficult country to get a connection as Telefonica seem to have a tough line on who you can use (dialup) Broadband you have to rely on access points but I found them very unreliable in Spain (south) click here

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