Which have I got. 32 or 64 bit

  tonyx1302 15:19 24 Oct 2006

I have a desktop and a laptop and have just run Belarc on both machines hoping to find out what bit size I have on each machine. Unfortunately I don't understand what the print tells me.

On My desktop it says I am running 1.93 kilobyte AMD AthlonXP with 128 Kilo primary and 512 secondary memory. Is this 32 or 64b ?

On my laptop it says I am running 1.50 Gig Intel Celeron M with 64Kilo primary and 1024 secdary memory. Is this 32 or 64

Is this enough info for someone to tell me what each machine is please ?

With thanks


  terryf 15:20 24 Oct 2006

Most likely 32 bit

  tonyx1302 15:22 24 Oct 2006

Hi terryf. Is that on both machines and how do work it out ?


  tonyx1302 17:02 24 Oct 2006


  anskyber 17:51 24 Oct 2006

This will tell you, download (its just under the SIW 1.64 at the top) click here and click on CPU inf on the left after your PC has been analysed.

Mine says "Property Value
Number of CPU(s) One Physical Processor / 2 Cores / 2 Logical Processors / 64 bits"

  DieSse 18:22 24 Oct 2006

They are both 32-bit processors.

You can't work it out - but you can look it up on the manufacturers site - or maybe SIW will tell you.

It's not something that can be worked out - processors are built as one or the other - yours were built as 32-bit. It's not related to memory or cache sizes (the figures you quoted) in any way.

  tonyx1302 18:40 24 Oct 2006

What a good, easy to understand informative prog this is. I found it a lot easier to digest than Belarc.

Many thanks


  rodriguez 18:44 24 Oct 2006

I'd also say they're 32 - the AMD definately is. If they were 64 bit, they'd have 64 at the end of their name or at least somewhere in their name (anything that has 64 in it's memory cache or somewhere else in it's description has nothing to with whether it's 64 bit or not. Unless the description actually has "64 bit" in it).

  tonyx1302 18:49 24 Oct 2006

You are right DieSse. They are both 32bit processors which SIW clarifies but could you explain what difference is be had by having a 64bit as opposed to 32. Would the average surfer/word etc user...ie me... benefit ?


  anskyber 19:07 24 Oct 2006

Not really. The future is 64 bit although some things are around now. Eg there is a 32 bit and 64 bit version of Windows, nearly everyone has the 32bit version. The difference is that 64 bit will run faster.

  anskyber 19:10 24 Oct 2006

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