Which graphics cars, 6600gt, 6800le, or other?

  Rickyv 15:58 14 Jul 2005

which graphics card should i get to run the latest games. i was looking at the 6600gt and the 6800le. which one is better, the 6600gt? are any other graphics cards better for around £100-£130? thanks

  gudgulf 16:04 14 Jul 2005

At the moment those two cards are the male canine reproductive organs as far as mid range cards go.The nearest ATI alternative would be a last generation 9800xt or 9800pro which should be at the ceaper end of your budget and are still a very good cards.

  Rickyv 21:02 14 Jul 2005

any more views on this?

  dagwoood 21:17 14 Jul 2005

click here

You could have a standard(NOT le)6800 delivered for about £120. That's a no brainer :) I paid 150 quid for a 6600GT at the beginning of the year.

  TomJerry 21:19 14 Jul 2005

or BMW

  Joe R 21:26 14 Jul 2005

click here

second from bottom.

  Rickyv 21:49 14 Jul 2005

do you know of any cheaper place than overclocker to buy a 6800 gt? :P

  Joe R 21:58 14 Jul 2005


Is it PCI E, or AGP, you're looking for, and how much of a budget.?

A 6800GT, is a big step up from a 6800le, or 6600GT.

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:59 14 Jul 2005

Try this at Ebuyer, still way over your £120>130 budget though. click here

  herc182 22:16 14 Jul 2005

i just bought the 6600gt from overclockers. works very well. but depends what you are looking for: PCI or AGP.

  Rickyv 22:53 14 Jul 2005

its agp and my budget is about £100-£120. would my 350watt psu be ok to power a 6800?

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