which graphics card to run any game smoothly?

  Rickyv 09:45 13 Jul 2005

Hi, i need a new graphics card because at the moment all i have is the nvidia 5200 which wont run any new games at a good frame rate. I dont want to spend much money really (£100 or less if possible). I want to play new games e.g. half life 2, doom 3, counterstrike source, battlefield 2. The rest of my pc if very fast (3ghz, 768mb pc3200 ram etc). What would you recommend?

  mattyc_92 09:47 13 Jul 2005

For £100, you wont get much better than the card you already own.... I use the "nVidia GeForce FX 5500" and it has managed to play ALL the games I have sent it's way... But I must admit, I don't really play games on my PC, I use teh PS2 instead (if the game I want is also on that console)...

  Rickyv 10:36 13 Jul 2005

what about the nvidia 6600 range? my 5200 card is only £20 now.

  dagwoood 11:16 13 Jul 2005

Rickyv, if you want to see how current AGP cards compare playing Half Life 2 and Doom 3, click here

HTH, dagwoood.

  aca 13:11 13 Jul 2005

If going for AGP I got my 9800 pro for approx £100 from Lowestonweb.com part of Evesham.

Runs latest games fine

  Rickyv 13:32 13 Jul 2005

but will any graphics card for aroun £100 play these sort of games that are the latest ones out at a decent frame rate?

  Rickyv 13:33 13 Jul 2005

ive seen a 6600gt and radeon x700 for around £100 will these play the latest games at a decent framerate. does anyone know where i can get a nividia 6800 or radeon x800 card for a price around £100-£150?

ATi 9800 pro at click here

I still have this card and it runs pretty much everything to date, even everquest at balanced settings. try this you wont be dissappointed.

  field divison 14:15 13 Jul 2005

Take your £100 and buy an Xbox.. :0)

  The Belarussian Mafia 16:19 13 Jul 2005

Have a look at this other thread from today.

click here

The 6600GT is superb, and good value for money compared to the 6800.

  citadel 19:48 13 Jul 2005

save for a 6600gt plus up ram to 1024, this speeds up loading times.

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