Which Graphics Card please ?

  Furkin 10:04 26 Aug 2011

I thought I’d finished spending on this machine. Just installed: Asus M4A78LT M-LE mobo, AMD Phenom IIx2 CPU, 4Gb RAM, 2 x 1Tb HDDs, OCZ 500 PSU.

The mobo has ‘on-board’ graphics. It only has PCI slots, so my old Nvidia 6200 Graphics card wouldn’t fit anyway, but nor did it have an HDMI interface.

The m.b pcb also shows the word HDMI (though not a connector) next to the DVI slot, so I guess it’s there to use.

Whilst I really didn’t want to spend any more, it looks like I might need a Graphics card – with HDMI. The on-board graphics are pretty good, so any Card needs to be as good or better.

I’m not a gamer & don’t do a lot of image work. The HDMI is to watch unconverted films etc on TV rather than computer screen.

Any ideas on which reasonable card I should consider for this machine please ?

  gengiscant 10:27 26 Aug 2011

Is this your board? Motherboard if so it has a PCI-Express slot which will mean that you are not short of a choice for graphic's cards. I am assuming you do not want to spend to much.Something here would do GPU

  Furkin 12:38 26 Aug 2011

Hi G: Yep - that's the mobo. Luckily the only slot I have available is the PCI-Express one (apart from a tiny one next to it, which I have no idea what it is, or used for).

Whilst I don't want to over do it, it has to be a reasonable item - a contradiction in terms maybe - & I went over budget with the re-build & didn't expect to spend anything on it at all. Those SCAN ones look pretty decent for my needs.

My machine is usually on all day, so would it be favourable to get one with a cooling fan ? Is the next criteria the memory size - or what ?

cheers mate

  gengiscant 12:54 26 Aug 2011

It really does not matter whether you get a card cooled by fan or not as you are not going to stress it in any way.Same with the memory. Just go for the best one you can afford.

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