Which Graphics Card?!?!

  Brezza 12:28 09 Dec 2005

Hiya guys,

Iv been looking at some PCI=E Graphics cards and there are 2 iv taken a shine too.....

Nvidia XFX GEFORCE 6800GS - (click here)

Radeon MSI X1300 Pro 256MB - (click here)

I Was just wandering if anybody knew which was the better card and why the radeon had a core clock and memory speed of 600Mhz / 800 Mhz, while the Nvidia only has 485Mhz / 1100 Mhz?

I only know a little about graphics cards but im assuming the faster the core clock speed the better the card? also the memory speed helps too im guessing?

Im probably being really dumb here but which of the cards is the better one? The Radeon seems to be vastly cheaper and faster too? am i reading the descriptions wrong?!?!

Any help would be appreciated :)


  gudgulf 13:27 09 Dec 2005

Read this click here

Note that the X1600XT is faster than the X1300pro by a good margin.

Then buy the 6800GS!

  interzone55 13:42 09 Dec 2005

To answer your question about core clock speeds The nVidia card is last generation technology, whereas the ATI is latest technology.

As for which is better, check the reviews.

Decide if you want 58 or 59 fps, and if a slight difference is really important, after all films are projected at 25fps because that's fast enough that our eyes can't tell that we're really only seeing a series of still frames.

  vinnyT 13:48 09 Dec 2005

The x1300 range is the bottom end of the series and has been panned in the 3 reviews I've read.

A top end last gen card is better than the bottom end current gen card, so, if I were you, I would get the 6800gs over the x1300 card if you are into gaming.

Hope this helps.

  gudgulf 14:00 09 Dec 2005

I feel there is something you need to understand...........a film runs at a constant fps and you are right that at 25fps and above you see smooth motion.

Running a computer game is different.

Rendering a 3D game produces a variable frame rate.Most of the reviews you see printed give an average fps for the tests.

You may get an average of,say 45fps but the minimum may well be below 20fps.That IS noticable!.......And that is why a card that gives,say nearer 60fps on average is better.That way the minimum fps is more like to be above the point at which smooth motion and gameplay is acheived.

  Mytob 14:04 09 Dec 2005

i mayself would go for nvidia over ati as iv had problems in the past with ati card drivers.

  Brezza 17:35 09 Dec 2005

Hiya again :)

Thanks for all the great info, i really am a dunce when it comes to graphics cards :(

Looks like the XFX really does beat the pnats off te radeon one in terms of FPS performace so im gonna have to get that one :)

Just got 2 more quick questions :)

1. Im assuming that if agame runs over 30-40fps it should look reasonably nice?

2. What kind of PSU would it require? Iv currently got a 350 watt PSU, would that be enough to power a P4 3.0 Prescott, 2 x IDE Drives and the XFX Card?

Thanks for all the help peeps :)


  gudgulf 17:49 09 Dec 2005

It's a matter of trial and error in every game you play to find the best balance of image quality and playable frame rate.

Some games like Call of Duty 2 run brilliantly at around 30fps but others such as Quake 4 need to be above 50fps to ensure smooth gameplay.
What you will find is that you have enough graphical and cpu power to run most games at high settings.

I use FRAPS click here to help me set up my own system.I'm looking for maximum image quality can get whilst staying playable......Fraps can record a period of real gameplay giving you the maximum/average and most importantly minimum frame rates as well as displaying the rate on screen whilst you play.

As for your psu....Ideally a higher power unit would be nice but you should try it pluggred in to the one you already have.If it is of half decent quality it should have no ptroblems running your set up with the 6800GS on board.

  citadel 17:55 09 Dec 2005

I would get a top brand 480 silent model, these are more expensive but have stable rails and will see you through any future upgrading.

  Ivor_Monkey 17:56 09 Dec 2005

Nvidia XFX GEFORCE 6800GS: something for the stocking.

  Brezza 18:02 09 Dec 2005


Thanks again for the brilliant advice, im learning quite a bit today lol

The reason those 2 cards caught my eye was because of the price tag, im looking to spend about £200 on the card itself, so im assuming the XFX would be the best bet :)

If you have any recomendations as to what the best card is under £200 id like to know, i mean if you know of any others other then the XFX that might be better value for 200 notes :)

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