Which Grahic Card?

  Kerrso05 00:03 02 Sep 2005

I am trying to put a system together and have had a few different ideas put forward as a system on this Forum. I think I have finally come down a system that I will purchase very soon but I need your help on the choice of Graphic Card. I'm not a Gamer but will be using the system for some video editing , watching TV (freeview etc) and copying DVDs. I am mainly into downloading/copying music. This is the system that I would like to purchase:-
AMD 3500+ 64Bit 939
Retail Heatsink & Fan
Asus A8V Delux Socket 939 Motherboard
1024Mb Corsair CL2.5 PC3200 Memory(2x512 Matched Pair)
Seagate 250Gb 8MB 7200rpm Hard Drive
NEC ND3540A DVD+-RW 16x Black)___Two DVD Writers
NEC ND3540A DVD+-RW 16x Black)
3.5" Floppy Drive
Black 19-in-1 Card Reader for 3.5’’ Drive Bay
PCI Firewire Card IEEE 1934 3 Port
Intel V.92 56k Modem
SB Audigy 2 ZS 7.1
Duke DU09AL Black 500w Case
Hiper 425w 20/24pin PSU
Microsoft Optical Keyboard+Mouse

My problem comes in the Graphic Cards. I have narrowed my search to the following two (but I open to suggestions)
1. Gigabyte Geforce 6200 128MB
2. GeCube ATI Radeon 9600 Pro 256MB

Which one? (if any) should I go for?

  DieSse 01:57 02 Sep 2005

Have a browse here click here and see if it helps.

There's no GeF6200 shown - but the GeF6600 is.

Which of the two you have shown looks best seems to vary by benchmark - so I would think it's a bit of a toss-up which would be the best choice.

The Radeon 9800 Pro looks to be nearly twce as fast as the 9600 on most of the tests - so you might be happier in the end if you up the spec without downing the dosh too much :-))

  martjc 12:00 02 Sep 2005

...any recent ATI or nVidia card is a safe bet!

  wjrt 12:02 02 Sep 2005

read hereclick here

  Kerrso05 18:07 02 Sep 2005

Thanks guys

So what you are saying is that any of two cards would do the job. I thought that maybe the 256mb ATI card would have been the better of the two but it doesn't really matter

Thanks again for all your help.

  PC Bilbo 19:09 02 Sep 2005

I also, am not a gamer but , like you , download music , edit video and watch TV.

I bought an MSI FX5900XT a year ago (128MB) and also
run another machine with a GForce 4. I personally
find no great difference for video editing (other than the price)

The main reason for upgrading at the time was I wanted both Video in and out - VIVO- which is useful.For video work I feel it is better to spend more on RAM and a large fast hard drive.

  interzone55 19:54 02 Sep 2005

I'm currently using a 256mb Sapphire Radeon 9550 and find it's adequate for my needs, which mainly stretch to photo editing and the odd game of Half Life 2 (which i run at 1024x768 4AA 2AF with no noticable problems).

Bought the card 3 weeks ago from a local component shop for £36 + vat

  Kerrso05 21:32 02 Sep 2005

PC Bilbo

You are the man for me. What you do with your PC is exactly what I do and want to do with the new Computer. So tell me more about the GForce 4.......which model is it? Yes the VIVO sounds very useful....does that mean you can copy live TV? or have I got that wrong?
Knowing me....... I am totally wrong......as I said before I know nothing about Graphic Cards.

Everyone,thanks for all your help

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