Which good sync/backup software

  Housten 12:36 21 Oct 2012

Good afternoon,

I know this is probably a waste of time, but having had some problems I am hoping that someone has an idea of what I could do!!

For some time now I have switched between different backup programmes, and I have now settled on one, which has a differential option as well and I think it is really useful. The only query I have with it is that after the first backup all the differentials get bigger and bigger, and I don’t understand why. Can anyone explain this, please?

However, what is really bugging me now is sync software. I had thought that backing up was enough, but then read about what sync software could do and realised that it can copy individual folders. I realised that this was really useful because you can do daily backups of folders which get changed – not necessarily on a daily basis but frequently. And if you change nothing then the programme does nothing. So far so good, and I tried several and eventually was using Microsoft’s SyncToy, but I feel it is not working properly now.

So what I am looking for is a recommendation for a programme that will either do what SyncToy has been doing OR a simple backup programme that has a differential element to it and very little else. In that way I can keep using my main backup programme for monthly/weekly use and the simpler programme for daily use. I do not think that there is such a piece of software as I think all backup programmes only allow partition backups not folder backups, but if someone knows differently then I would love to hear about it OR any information/advice on any good sync programme as well would be very welcome. I hope others will also benefit from any replies.

Many thanks in advance for ANY advice/help/information/suggestions that anyone cares to make.

  northumbria61 16:01 21 Oct 2012

Have a look at Free FileSync features - it may suit your needs. enter link description here

  frybluff 17:10 21 Oct 2012

Having tried a few, I now use Acronis True Image. It's not free (about £35), but extremely comprehensive, with more potential options, than you could ever use. Single version, version chain, differential, incremental, and goodness knows how many other options, and you can do that for discs, partitions, groups of files, or individual files.

Takes a bit of thought, setting up what's best for your needs, but once done, you can, more or less forget it. On the couple of occasions I've had system problems, it hasn't failed to get me back up and running, in sort of 20 minutes. Technical support is also very helpful, and prompt.

If it has a fault, at all, it's that there are, perhaps, too many options, so initial set-up is a bit of an effort.

  Forum Editor 17:28 21 Oct 2012

I have used this softwarefor some time, and I'm impressed. I use the Pro version, but the free version will do what you want. You specify which folders it watches, and you tell it how often to look. It will watch the folders and back up any files in them that have changed.

I use it to back up to external hard drives, and - so far - it hasn't put a foot wrong.

  compumac 18:26 21 Oct 2012

I concur with theForum Editor. I too have the Pro version and well worth the cost. You are also able to recover overwritten files that the syncing overwrites - providing you set it up so to do.

  Housten 14:04 22 Oct 2012

Good afternoon, Gentlemen,

Many thanks for your suggestions. As the Forum Editor may remember I had - and still have for the next few days - a problem with my computer, a dead CMOS battery.

But I will check out your suggestions, although frybluff there is no wy I will be using acronis. Last year I purchased it and had a nightmare 4 months or so, as it just would not behave on my computer, to such an extent they gave me my money back. I would not touch them with your bargepole never mind mine ever again.

Once again many thanks for all your suggestions, wanted or otherwise.

  lotvic 14:48 22 Oct 2012

I also use Acronis sucessfully, Sorry to hear that it doesn't work for you Housten. For the filesync the prog that FE and compumac mention sounds ideal.

  compumac 15:01 22 Oct 2012

I would add that as well as using AllwaySync I have been using Acronis for a good many years and have been thankful that I have, as it has saved me many, many hours of reinstalling software after a catastrophe.

Both Acronis and AllwaySync currently are being used on all of my PC's and I could not be without them both.

  Housten 12:08 06 Nov 2012


I installed Allway the weekend before last. I then did a test of it against SyncToy. To put it mildly – WOW!! The original run was to copy some folders to a blank folder in a USB hard drive. The times were very similar, which I suspect is more to do with speed of USB connection – 2.0 – than anything else. However I decided to wait a week and do a re-run, so they would just update the changes I had made during the week. SyncToy was done first and it took 7 minutes, Allway was then run and took less than two minutes!!!

Now that is what I call fast, just what I want. Simple and easy, but above all fast as I want any different files copied and protected, but in as little time as possible.

Many thanks everyone for your help and suggestions.

  catpwss 12:36 06 Nov 2012

I use this recommended by this forum,Its so easy to use have a go.


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