Which gfx card is fastest?

  De Marcus 20:27 30 May 2005

Hi all, I've just been given a Geforce FX5700le and was wondering if it was worth the hassle of opening up my case and installing it considering I already have a geforce FX5600 installed?

  Joe R 20:30 30 May 2005

De Marcus,

I think the 5600 is just as powerful, (and maybe more) than the 5700le.

  De Marcus 20:35 30 May 2005

That's what I was thinking, I guess I was just wanting clarification.

  gudgulf 20:41 30 May 2005

Stick with the 5600............as a general rule anything with le or se after the number is a cut down version of the card in question and will be slower.Ati do the same trick for example any card with se is known the "slow edition" (that's the polite version as allowed on this forum,lol and not the official company version of what the letters mean).

To be more precise about this,here's a review which will directly compare the card you have with the 5700le click here

  De Marcus 20:46 30 May 2005

Ok, that's confirmed it for me, the 5700 le will be consigned to the spares drawer.

  De Marcus 20:52 30 May 2005

Ok, outta of curiousity, Im gonna stick it in and 3Dmark05 benchmark it against my fx5600, surely that'll be the definitive answer, gimme a sec.

  De Marcus 21:15 30 May 2005

Fantastic, as always excellent advice from the forum, the fx5700le scored a whopping 350 points less than the 5600, back in does the 5600 go :-)

  Totally-braindead 21:18 30 May 2005

De Marcus have you tried the Omega drivers click here a lot of gamers use them and I've been using them for the past year or so, worth a look.

  De Marcus 21:27 30 May 2005

No I haven't, I used the geforce beta drivers, do you think the omega drivers would make the 5700le quicker??

  Totally-braindead 21:29 30 May 2005

Than the 5600? No never but it would make the 5600 a bit faster than it is at the moment. The 5600 is definately the faster card of the two you have.

  De Marcus 21:33 30 May 2005

Thanks for the advice Totally-braindead, The geforce fx5600 is currently being put back in and I most certainly will be trying the omega drivers, so thanks again all.

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