Which free anti-spyware

  Liverbird 19:56 11 Jan 2007

I noticed a couple of days ago that my spy and addware detector had dissappeared from my desktop (I think it was 'Spybot). Two other people use my pc and both say that they didn't remove the file. My pc is running a bit slow now and I'm concerned that it may be because somethink has sneeked below my existing defences. I am careful on which sites I go on, but as a precaution always ran the spybot programme after I'd been online. I'm usually the only person to use PC, but have let my partner and his daughter both have use of it as theirs have both packed up. My partners died of old age I think, but his daughters I suspect was attacked by a virus. It was old anyway so we are going to re-build it for her. I hope that she hasn't got my pc infected by going on suspect sites. Ive got AVG free, and Zone Alarm free. Please feel free to comment. Thanks

  VoG II 19:58 11 Jan 2007

Ad-aware click here
Superantispyware click here
Spywareblaster click here
AVG Antispyware click here
Windows Defender click here
A-squared click here

These all co-exist quite happily with each other and Spybot.

  STREETWORK 20:06 11 Jan 2007

All the above...

  Totally-braindead 20:54 11 Jan 2007

Pick 2 or at most 3 of Vogs list and that will do you nicely.

  Liverbird 02:03 13 Jan 2007

I've now got Spybot running. Partner found the set up programme on my PC. I then downloaded SpywareBlaster as the SpyBot page, and VoG advised. I also Downloaded the latest update from BtYahoo and it included Norton anti-spyware. Norton and SpyBot came up with loads. I should be covered now, so long as they all run happily alongside each other. I'll leave it a couple of days and then come back on here and say how it went. Thanks everyone.

  stevelincsuk 09:28 13 Jan 2007

You might also consider using a host file, I have the mvps host file with added entries for blocking google ad's :)

Read about host files - click here

More reading - click here

  archir123 10:30 13 Jan 2007

the problem with all this free antispyware is , that when you really need it , its less use than a chocolate fireguard.

i was once infected with spyware and none of them helped , i knew exactly what it was but not one of them found it , in the end i found it myself (well me and google ;0) )

there a waste of time

  gudgulf 11:59 13 Jan 2007

"the problem with all this free antispyware is , that when you really need it , its less use than a chocolate fireguard."

Care to explain in detail?

  Totally-braindead 13:47 13 Jan 2007

archir123 I like gudgulf would love to hear your explanation. Viruses are not Spyware if thats whats got you confused and therefore antispyware will not get rid of viruses if this is what you got.

  archir123 16:35 13 Jan 2007

i dont get confused between virusses and spyware im perfectly aware of what they both are and what they both do.

i have only been infected by spyware once , a keylogger , i knew what it was , but evidently none of the spyware scanners did , it wouldnt be so bad if they just couldnt remove it , they didnt even pick up on it , not one of them , which brings me back to my original point , they dont work.

how can you be expected to trust them after that , incidently i downloaded a trial version of this click here i re infected myself with the same keylogger , the scanning engine in this took 30 seconds to find it and quarantine it , ive since purchased the full version , yes it was a tenner , not free , but it works , and its real time protection.

  gudgulf 17:01 13 Jan 2007

A lot of keyloggers are very good at hiding from scanners.All the programs that you can use to,say,monitor the activities of pc users(like children or employees etc) that monitors keystrokes and produces screenshots wouldn't be much use if it was easily detected and removed.That's not much comfort if you have one on your pc you don't want.

That's why I asked for more information.

No one scanner is perfect and can detect all malware either.....the trick is to find the ones that work for you.

What freeware scanners did you try?

And what was the keylogger they didn't detect?

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