which firewall???? Internet problems

  ReyesKing 13:34 20 Feb 2005

i recently removed sygate as it appeared to slow down my internet speed. i am currently using the firewall in teh security centre (sp2) provided by Microsoft. iv heard about zonealarm aswell. which is the best to use? also what can i do to maximise internet efficiency. i recently have noticed a dramatic slowing down of internet speed even though i regulary run disc cleanup and clear cookies nearly every 3 days. thankyou

  ReyesKing 13:54 20 Feb 2005


  ACOLYTE 14:11 20 Feb 2005

I doubt if your firewall would have any impact on you net connection speed,Za is a good firewall but me personally i prefere the one you uninstalled, sygate and it has never slowed my net speed down if you speed as dropped really slow you could try a spy ware scan to see if there is anything using the bandwidth and connecting without your knowledge.

  961 14:16 20 Feb 2005

If you have a dramatic slow down of internet speed then you need to consider a clean up.

Suggest Spybot search and destroy, Spywareblaster, and adaware for a start. They are all free.

Then you need a good firewall. Zone Alarm is as good as any. That's free. Zone Alarm Pro is the tops. Around £25 per annum

You don't say which virus checker you use. I suggest F-Secure. You'll get a free 30 day trial and if you take up the offers that come during that time it will cost about £25

If you use Norton or MacAfee these can slow down your system

  ReyesKing 15:38 20 Feb 2005

hi i use Norton IS 2005. Whenever i open an internet page it takes a long time to load up now. also when i type in a site it takes along time. what can i do?

  961 15:41 20 Feb 2005

Norton is reputed to slow down your computer

How long have you had it, and does the slow down co-incide with the slow down

  961 15:43 20 Feb 2005

Sorry, does the slow down co-incide with when you installed Norton?

  ReyesKing 15:52 20 Feb 2005

no, i deleted all of the temp folder including temp internet files. Norton sadly slows down shutdown logoff and restart while a process called ccApp closes.

  961 16:36 20 Feb 2005

I'm not a fan of Norton

Can I suggest a scan for a virus. You still don't say which virus checker you use, but assuming it is Norton, try another on-line checker.

The great difficulty is installing another virus checker plus the updates before you uninstall what you have

I don't think Sygate will slow down the computer but neither do I think the new Microsoft firewall is anywhere near Sygate or Zone Alarm

If you noticed a slow down then either you have picked up a virus or the Norton jobbie is hogging your processor speed and Ram

  citadel 17:32 20 Feb 2005

I have used norton av and firewall and it has never slowed the internet or any programs. Even with both enabled I played half-life 2 at high detail with no slowdown while connected to the internet.

  hzhzhz 20:50 20 Feb 2005

I got rid of norton firewall a while ago and now rely on MS firewall. I run Norton antivirus and spyware doctor and AOL spyware remover. System has been perfect for a while now.

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