Which Files are the actual Operating System Files

  PAE 15:40 11 Mar 2003

With the imminent demise of Win 98, Win 98SE and ME support by Microsoft it will be necessary to make a backup the Operating System Specific Files.
At present if I have a major crash I reload from the disk and then go to Update to bring it up to speed. What I would like to do is to make a copy of the essential files on my spare Hard Drive as opposed to having to copy all the extras as well.

Could anyone please enlighten me as to which files I would need to copy since I do not really relish the thought of having to do a reformat and reload just to identify these files.

Alternatively is it possible to load the system onto my spare drive without having to disconnect the main one. I have a spare 4.3Gb as drive D:


  woodchip 15:51 11 Mar 2003

It's like asking how long is a piece of string. After you have downloaded the files that you need. You would be better getting Drive Image and Make an Image file of your Drive, But this is better done with a known clean good working system

  leo49 15:54 11 Mar 2003

Go to the Windows Update Catalogue [note this is a different area of Windows Update]and download all the 98 Updates you wish and save them to disk.Simple.


  olyman 17:05 11 Mar 2003

That sounds like a good strategy to save Updates as they come in and one I'll use in future.

Unfortunately that doesn't solve the problem of the very long download time needed for all past updates. It took me three hours to download SP1 for XP and there have been a lot more patches since then. With an impending reformat I also would like to know if previous updates can be extracted somehow.

On second thoughts if they have become corrupted that wouldn't be productive. I have noticed that there is a bunch of uninstall programs for patches in the Windows files and that Automatic Updates are stored in Temporary files... temporarily :-)

  PAE 17:44 11 Mar 2003


  PAE 17:44 11 Mar 2003


  PAE 17:49 11 Mar 2003

Leo 49

Having finger trouble. Can't find this Windows Uopdate Catalog Site. Doesn't show up on my ME system. Can you give me the full address please.


I'm looking to make a backup before files get corrupted.


The pint of the question is just to back up the system and not all the other files that are added by programmes otherwise I could just do a straight copy of the disk but my D: drive is a bit small for that.

  leo49 17:55 11 Mar 2003

Go to the usual Windows Update page.

Ignore the "scan your system for updates". Look to the left panel and if it's there[under subheading:See Also] click Windows Update catalogue.

If not,click personalize Windows Update and add Windows Update Catalogue to the page. Then follow that link, choose your OS and display all the available patches,updates etc.

Select those you want by adding to your basket and then download to a location of your choice.


  flecc 19:15 11 Mar 2003

I agree with woodchip, much better to image the system. However, copying it onto the second hard drive is also a good strategy. If you go to the manufacturer's site for one of your hard drives, you should find a copying utility that you can download free and then write to floppy. Then you can use that program to copy iover the system.

For example, Maxtor do the Maxblast utility for this purpose.

If you want to be able to boot both, you'll need a Boot Manager. Boot Manager MSTBOOT from the following link will operate on up to 12 systems. It's shareware, £10 approx :-

click here

  flecc 19:20 11 Mar 2003

The demise of Windows 9x support isn't imminent. It's now entering the "Extended" phase which lasts for two years.

Even this is meaningless since there are a large number of independent sites giving all manner of support including supply of system files. I expect this to continue for many years yet, there are many millions of users worldwide who won't change from 98 in the forseeable future.

  PAE 15:50 16 Mar 2003

Thanks for the help. I have enough information to be able to sort it out but first I shall have to copy all those update files (some 30+) onto my spare drive.

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