Which is faster USB2.0 or Firewire?

  Red Flag 10:47 29 May 2003

Well, which is faster?

  -pops- 10:50 29 May 2003
  soy 11:23 29 May 2003

USB 2.0 is slightly faster than firewire.

USB 2.0 transfers about 60MB per second while firewire can transfer 50MB per second.

  The Sack 15:34 29 May 2003

But Firewire can deliver faster transfers over longer distances.

  davidg_richmond 15:46 29 May 2003

Firewire is a dedicated point-to-point transfer connection, while USB2 is designed to operate many more than one device, you will find that in practice, Firewire tends to be quicker on a straight transfer of data due to USB's need to manage more devices.

  wee eddie 19:37 29 May 2003

Not to be out paced. I am told that Mackintosh has added the 800 version which is as far ahead of USB2 as the old version of Firewire was to USB.

USB cables, I am told, are only effective over a couple of meters or so.

Someone posted here a while back, to the effect that Firewire was effective over tens of meters and could deliver reasonable power as well

  -pops- 19:45 29 May 2003

I you click on my click here above you will see exactly that.

  wee eddie 20:01 29 May 2003

Spot on.

I should have completed my research first. Sorry I opened my mouth and let my belly rumble.

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