Which external hard drive? Western Digital 1TB?

  renard 23:37 24 Dec 2008

I am being told to back up my PC onto an external hard drive in case my HDD fails.
I would appreciate any advice on the following:

(1) Can I back up my programs (Windows etc) onto an external HDD, or is it just for files (pictures, Word documents etc)?

(2) PCWorld are currently offering the following drive in their sale, and people elsewhere are saying it is a bargain: Western Digital Elements 3.5" 1TB. Sale price £68.
Is it worth buying one? I don't have thousands of pictures or thousands of files, but who knows about the future?

(3) If not, I would welcome any recommendations on which one to buy. Is there one that gets its power through USB, rather than having yet another power plug?

Many thanks, in anticipation.

And a Merry Christmas to all.

  renard 23:45 24 Dec 2008

I meant to add:

(4) I also have a laptop which I use when away from home. If I got an external HDD, can I connect it temporarily onto the laptop for backing up stuff while I am away, or does it have to remain connected to my home desktop PC?

  MCE2K5 01:33 25 Dec 2008

(1) Everything if using Acronis True Image, Also Cut/Copy Pictures, Music, Video and Word Docs to External Drive.

(2) Not too keen on WD Elements Drives, Got one, Just waiting for it to Fail. Just got 2 of these click here Buffalo DriveStation™ TurboUSB with Power Saving Mode 500 Gig's, almost as fast as an onboard SATA Drive.

(3) the Buffalo's above. Wouldn't trust External drive Without it's Own Power Supply.

(4) Yes you can use them with all Your Computers Temp. of Full Time.

  bumpy01 13:13 28 Dec 2008

Renard - can the Buffalo be partitioned?
I want to add a FAT32 partition so I can back up the content of my PS3.

  renard 23:11 28 Dec 2008

Many thanks for your advice and apologies for the delay in acknowledging it - Christmas duties intervened!
I see that those Buffalos are a good price at Play.com and ebuyer.com, so I am tempted to buy.
Would I really be able to back up my programs onto it - not just files / pictures etc?
Sorry to be a further nuisance, but what do you mean by Acronis True Image? Is that something additional I would have to buy?

Sorry, your query should be addressed to MCE2K5, not me. I am the Absolute Beginner here!

  MCE2K5 23:42 28 Dec 2008

Acronis True Image backs up the lot, Programs, OS, Everything, It's a paid for program, click here.

Just say that when your PC is at a state when everything is on your pc OS & Programs, You do a backup. Later on i.e. you add another Program and it screws up your pc or get nasty virus or malware,

With your previous backup you will be able to go back to how it was before the phopar.

  MCE2K5 23:47 28 Dec 2008

"can the Buffalo be partitioned?": Yes it can.

  renard 00:05 29 Dec 2008

Thanks for your further valued advice, MCE2K5.

  FatboySlim71 22:16 01 Jan 2009

I own a Samsung 1TB SATA drive and I purchased a ESATA caddie/enclosure to put it in.

I use Acronis True Image to take regular backups of my system.

If you use Acronis True Image and select the full backup option, this will backup every last detail. Basically it will take and exact mirror image of your computer at the time you took the backup. Nothing will be left un-backed up with the full backup method.

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