which external hard drive

  [email protected] 21:59 25 Jun 2006

hi all,help....... im looking to purchase an external hard drive to store media on, am i right in assuming the movement of these files to an external drive will free up space on C: ( o/s on D:)thus speeding up my machine ??????????
I have recentley upgraded my ram to 1024Gb,with 120Gb internal and am 8Mb connection, but its still not that fast, also i have a few large progs which i think chogg things up a bit
I would like to go for 350Gb(ish) but dont really want to spend more than £100
any sugestions, links or advice much appriciated

  Starfox 22:12 25 Jun 2006

Just bought one of these click here well worth the money.

  The Dazza 22:22 25 Jun 2006

I have just bought an external hard drive for the same purpose as you, for music & video. While it will free up space from your main drive when you transfer the files over, you probably won't notice much of an overall speed increase. Some programs can cause your machine to run slower, like you say. 1gig of RAM you have will help in some instances, what processor speed do you have? If you uninstall the programs you don't really use this could help.

  [email protected] 22:22 25 Jun 2006

yeh seen these, thats what put the bee in my bonnet, i think theres a 350 in this range, is it easy enough to install and all that. what difference does the size make in respect of 3.5" or 2.5"

  [email protected] 22:24 25 Jun 2006

hi dazza 3.06Gb P4

  [email protected] 22:26 25 Jun 2006

also guys, would i be able to store the larger progs on it without too much hastle or would this require a different king of drive ??????

  The Dazza 22:29 25 Jun 2006

that's a reasonably adequate processor for just music etc. I would only buy a bigger hard drive if you plan on using up a decent amount of it as this doesn't really speed up your system just the amount of music, movies etc you can store on it.

  [email protected] 22:33 25 Jun 2006

click here

i could fill 100Gb straight away - tempted by this

  Starfox 22:44 25 Jun 2006

Installation could not be simpler, just connect the power supply and the usb lead, power up and your pc will do the rest for you, assuming you have XP that is.

  [email protected] 22:44 25 Jun 2006

starfox, is it as simple as moving my documents to the new location, is this an issue when a prog looks for a file that it asumes is on C; or do these properties need to be changed in each individual programe????

  The Dazza 22:46 25 Jun 2006

I must admit to me that looks like a good deal.

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