Which Epson Printer should I buy?

  kittenjane 22:11 22 Oct 2008

I was advised by people in Catridge world that I should buy an epson printer, because the catridges are much cheap.

I looked up in pc world website, to check the price and availability of course, I found several all in one printer,

one is Epson Stylus Office BX300F - Printer, Copier, Scanner & Fax -
All In One Printer click here

and it is only £49.99, but I also looked at another one, but other printer say click here

without a fax function is much more expensive, can anybody tell me the reason why, I am planning to spend less than £100, what would be the choice for me?

I would be very grateful if any of you who can help me with it.

  Technotiger 22:19 22 Oct 2008

The SX 405 is a much better printer all round. It also has extra functions which the cheaper one does not - like the Photo card reader which does not even need the PC to be switched on. I always buy Epson, but I am not keen on Multifunction printers, my present printer is the Epson Photo R360.

  kittenjane 22:51 22 Oct 2008

i am kind of not interested in photocard reader, as I tend not to get my photos printed out.

who could tell me what the factors you should consider when when you buy an all in one printer?

thanks a lot xx

  Condom 22:53 22 Oct 2008

The first thing I always ask myself before buying something "is what do I want to do with it". If you are just a home user then your needs are probably simpler. Do you want a scanner, and copier or just a printer. Few people in the UK seem to use Fax these days although it is still very popular overseas even for home use. Once you have decided what you want then look at what options you have with various makes.

As Technotiger says Epson are very good and ink easily obtainable. Even Epson Multi Functions are OK. I too have an Epson Photo, a R265 model, but I use a CISS ink system that negates the need for cartridge replacement as I do a lot of A4 Photographs and using cartrigdges would be too expensive for that.

Most good printers are very cheap these days as companies seem to make their money from the replacement ink market and printers are a bit like loss leaders to them. When you decide what you want, if possible ask a store to demonstrate one for you, as a hidden problem for home use can be that some of the cheaper models are incredibly noisy.

  woodchip 23:13 22 Oct 2008

Some hear click here

I use a Epson RX620 its a older printer but very good results I have only used Compat Ink Carts from new

  woodchip 23:14 22 Oct 2008

PS look at Star Ratings and click on Reviews to see what others think

  setecio 23:14 22 Oct 2008

I'd recommend the canon mp540. It is just out so comaptibles will available in 3 or 4 months with a full set around £20, as cheap as epsons.

  mooly 08:31 23 Oct 2008

I can't fault my Epson 3 in 1 for print and scan quality. Have tried compatible cartridges from computer fair, wasn't impressed at all, in fact they caused nothing but grief. Find the Jettec replacements 1st class and they are the 90% extra life.
Worth checking out Epson UK store for odd bargains. How can they ask circa £25 for a set of cartridges and offer a new 3 in 1 complete for £29.99.

  golfpro 09:01 23 Oct 2008

" How can they ask circa £25 for a set of cartridges and offer a new 3 in 1 complete for £29.99."

You will find that the ones supplied with a new printer do not hold as much ink (poss. half as much) as the OME ones bought as replacements.

  cocteau48 09:21 23 Oct 2008

"You will find that the ones supplied with a new printer do not hold as much ink (poss. half as much) as the OME ones bought as replacements."

It never ceases to amaze me how,in this day and age,a cartridge manufacturer (my own experience is with Lexmark) can get away with selling a product marked only as "moderate yield" and with no actual cc capacity quoted. Cannot image my better half shopping for a "moderate sized" loaf of bread or tin of beans.

I have certainly been guilty,and feeling guilty, about buying a new printer because it was cheaper than buying the two "moderate yield" cartridges which I needed but in future I would certainly be looking for a make and model which is compatible with the Continuous Ink Supply system eg.
click here

  setecio 09:30 23 Oct 2008

A full set of Jettec cartridges is only £15 for many printers (less for others) and might have 25ml in them .... x4 = 100ml, £15 x 4 = £60 ... doesn't really make continuous ink systems economical.

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