which epson printer???

  goldstar31 20:38 31 Aug 2006

well i'm into the digital age now and looking at a good printer to which will print borderless prints, but mainly doing copies from my 200,000 slide collection.
I'm looking at an Epson printer RX700? but most of all is there anyone that could tell me a really good printer that's not going to cost me the earth and do the job's in question.
looking for sharpness from slide images.........
Thanks to all who reply

  howard63 21:40 31 Aug 2006

the canon range seem to do very good photo printers but not got one myself.

  palinka 17:05 01 Sep 2006

I use a Canon. Experience of Epson was limited to helping a neighbour with his and I found : ink/cartridges expensive; black was printed from a mix of colours, with no option to print from the black cartridge; keeping the printer in a warm room and using it infrequently (once a week) caused the inks to dry up & after installing new cartridges had to use half a cartridge on tests before it would print at all. So my experience of Epson printers is limited and bad and I would not recommend them to anyone; but my chief usage is NOT photo printing.
Look up the test pages in PC Advisor, and rememebr that "best buys" are often so because they are cheaper than the rest, not because they perform better.

  Woolwell 18:01 01 Sep 2006

I'm content with my Epson.

But I'm interested that you are thinking about printing your slide collection all 200,000. Whatever inkjet you go for I suspect that this will work out relatively expensive. If you really want prints then you may find it easier to burn to CD and get a place like Tesco or Jessops to print for you or go on-line and order prints that way.

I'm sure that you know that the sharpness will depend on the scan quality and you will be enlarging to print.

However why print? I have slides which I used to view through a projector. I have scanned them and put them on a CD or DVD as a slideshow and watch them on the TV.

  jakimo 20:44 01 Sep 2006

Being a user of Epson printers since 1994,I can highly recommend them,particularly the photo dedicated range,they do not have to be kept in a warm room,but like all inkjets\bubblejets the cartridges can dry out if left unused for a long period. Epson cartridges are no more expensive than other brands,compatibles are cheap as chips and easily obtainable,which is more than can be said for Canon compatibles.

Having said all that,if you intend printing large quantities,it would be cheaper to follow Woolwell`s advice and use a commercial printer

  Diversion 12:40 02 Sep 2006

I use the Epson CX6600 that takes Epson DuraBrite ink, which is smudge proof, water proof and scratch resistant. In fact you can't tell that they have been done on a printer at all.

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