Which e-mail Provider is best?

  TYoung 22:02 17 Jan 2003
  TYoung 22:02 17 Jan 2003

Ive currently got a hotmail address but its always filling up with junk mail and its the same with Yahoo mail. Does anyone recommend any good free web based email providers who i can sign up with and get a good service without all the junk mail?

  powerless 22:06 17 Jan 2003
  hgrock 22:09 17 Jan 2003

i will say TYoung the answer is none, as long as you use the web you will get spam, cookies , spyware and others send your details out all the time even legit companies spy on you now. read below
In Windows XP (all versions) and if you install the latest version of Windows Media Player (reguardless of which OS version) you get a picece of spy ware that you cannot remove. If that computer access the internet it talks to Microsoft in the the background. What does it talk about, you ask? Well it it one of 11 processes that in the name of DRM (Digital Rights Management), thes Microsoft what you do, in this case if you play a DVD on your computer it send Microsoft, The Title, Disk Id no, Date and Time played, for all DVD's since the last time it reported to MS.
Microsoft has made no secret that the .NET push is to get End Users to rent (lease), software for a set period of time. It has also been quietly testing for some time the sale of it's Office software (Overseas), with a one year lisc. (after 12 months of use form the install/registration, the program in essance shuts down, you are give the option of pay a fee to continue the use for another year. (Shades of IBM in the old mainframe days).
Sony new audio CD's being sold starting this month are supposed to have a lock built in that requires you to download and install a utility (provided 'free' to play the CD on a computer. The catch, you must pay a lisc. fee for each track/cd you want to play and it is only good for that one computer.
Big Brother is here, it it Microsoft and the other Corporations and organizations who want to prevent 'fair use'. The movie industry (still pissed off the court loss to video tape, plans an end run via technology) is trying to lock Digital TV so that you cannot record the digital signal, only analog. The movie industry and the set manufactures are close to specs on a chip that would be in the display circut that would do the final 'decode' for display and you would have no way to intercept the decoded data stream. If this happens a lot of people who have bought HDTV tuners and sets would be left high and dry as their equipment would not decode the the signal and could not display digital tv only analog (no retrofit would be possible by design).

  nicko6453 22:22 17 Jan 2003

The above offers you 8Mb which 4 times the MSN Hotmail offering

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:39 18 Jan 2003

What's wrong with Outlook or Outlook Express?


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