which DVI port to choose?

  kamechi 06:59 26 Nov 2012

hi recently i bought a MSI GTX 660ti PE and the card has DVI-D Dual Link & DVI-I Dual Link.

I have a DVI-D Single Link cable. Should I plug into DVI-I or DVI-D connector? My monitor is Accer H233H 1080.


  Chronos the 2nd 08:31 26 Nov 2012

Plug your cable into the top DVI port, If you have problems move it to the other port. I would personally but myself a HDMI cable. Something like this.

  kamechi 08:38 26 Nov 2012

The reason is because when i plug my DVI-D Single Link cable into the card DVI-D Dual Link Connector. My comp will auto shutdown when gaming but when i switched to plug my DVI-D Single Link cable into the card DVI-I Dual Link and its working fine. So I wonder it would be the card faulty or what..

  Chronos the 2nd 09:39 26 Nov 2012

A lot of info here. But I am puzzled at the information that your PC shuts down when using the DVI-D cable in the DVI-D Dual as I cannot see how this would happen. Very Strange.

Have you got the latest drivers? Not the ones that came on the disk with the GPU but from here. Or Here.

  Chronos the 2nd 09:40 26 Nov 2012

Sorry last link again. Here.

  kamechi 10:00 26 Nov 2012

Yeah I have latest driver installed still the same problem. It should be working right? To plug a DVI-D Single Link Cable to my graphic Card DVI-D Dual Link connector..could it be the card faulty?

  Chronos the 2nd 10:05 26 Nov 2012

Possibly but to be honest I am not sure. Where did you get the card from?

  kamechi 01:33 27 Nov 2012

Oh no...i thought it will fine when using DVI-I connector..after some time gaming my computer auto shut down again..so its regardless i plug into DVI-D or DVI-I connector, my computer auto shut down when playing all max setting in game. I tried lower down the screen resolution(in game setting) says like 1440x900 then it wont auto shut down..

btw I get it from a computer shop near my house.

  Chronos the 2nd 09:02 27 Nov 2012

What is your power supply? What games are you playing?

  kamechi 09:07 27 Nov 2012

im using silverstone st56f and playing game like AC3, Anno2070, dishonored..

  Chronos the 2nd 09:39 27 Nov 2012

I was actually looking for the wattage as well. But I think you mean this one Silverstone Strider 560w ST56F ATX PSU and your graphics card need a minimum of 500W so you should be fine but I always prefer a little more leeway.

I cannot see why you should not be able to run your games at high spec with that GPU. It could be a faulty GPU or PSU which is failing under load causing your PC to shut down. I suspect that it is more likely to be the power supply rather then the graphics card.

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