which dvd/cd writer?

  denboe 19:35 15 Nov 2007

I have a Pioneer dvr -112 writer.
DVD's ok. burned cd's have gaps and noise interference on play-back(any player).
I have tried different makes of discs and different burning speeds-same results each time.
Dealer can't fault the unit.
Can anyone recommend a good writer that will give me the results I want.
I realise that technology is not perfect at the best of times but it's got to be better than this!

  brundle 23:44 15 Nov 2007

Have you burned to an image on the HD, then burned the image to a CD?

  Totally-braindead 00:25 16 Nov 2007

Have you tried a different program as perhaps its the program thats causing this?
Or could the music be subject to copyright and therefore have some sort of copy protection?

If you really want to try a new one then I would say try a NEC one or a Liteon one. I have a Liteon one, had it a while and you can't get my model anymore but its been fine and I would get another if it failed.

Liteon click here you could pick one of the ones that comes with software
NEC click here

  denboe 10:55 16 Nov 2007

Hi brundle, yes I always use this method.

  denboe 10:59 16 Nov 2007

Totally-braindead, thanks for your response.
I used to have the Pioneer dvr-111d and it burned every disc perfectly, using the program I'm using at present.

  Totally-braindead 12:07 16 Nov 2007

If the stuff you are trying to burn is not copy protected then of course its not that. The reason I suggested trying another program was two fold. I wondered if the DVD writer you have just now had a problem with this particular program OR if the program itself was somehow corrupted.
If it is something wrong with the program then reinstalling it might cure it but the reason I suggested trying another program was to see if the fault was with the writer or not.
If it burns fine with another program then you can eliminate the writer as the problem and you are left with some sort of problem with the other program, either a conflict where the program doesn't like the writer or something wrong with the program itself.
Clear as mud eh, hopefully you get what I mean.

  denboe 21:39 16 Nov 2007

I'm using Nero7 at present, can you suggest another program for me to try?

  Totally-braindead 23:08 16 Nov 2007

cdburnerxp is one of the free ones, I downloaded it because of trying to help someone in another thread but have not tried it yet click here

  Strawballs 23:15 16 Nov 2007

I have both Nero 7 premium which cost me and the cdburnerxp free and I tend to use the free one the most and despite it's name it will do DVD's

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