Which DVD Drive ?

  Furkin 17:45 01 Aug 2009

My Acer Desk top came with a LG GCC 4480B. I added an LG GSA 4167B at some point.
I'm now thinking of replacing the older (GCC4480)kit.

I note that they are both ATAPI.
1/ Am I right in assuming that this means IDE ?

2/ Do I have to put the same format in next time ? (I'm pretty sure my HDD's are PATA)

3/ Whilst I like the LG gear (in this instance)and the 4167 was highly recommended on these pages, (s'why I bought it !) I don't need to stick to the brand.
What has happened in the past few years in this line ? I know nothing about Dual Layer etc etc ?I'm not too bothered about BlueRay yet (unless there's a super duper item that people are falling over themselves to recommend) so what featutres should I be looking for now ?

This is a home machine running XP > SP3 > 2gb (max)ram. I don't do a lot of burning, but if i'm upgrading It makes sense to get the latest gear (cost dependent).

All help & advice appreciated.


  GaT7 17:56 01 Aug 2009

1/ Yes, more or less (click here)

2/ No. If your motherboard has SATA ports you can install a SATA DVD-rw drive instead. They are the same price as IDE ones, so no reason not to go for one if you've a spare SATA port (a few suggestion with links in this recent thread click here)

3/ Yes, LG make good stuff. And no, you don't need to stick with them & fancy a change. Blu-Ray readers/writers are still very expensive (as you'll see from the links in the above PCA thread!)


  GaT7 18:11 01 Aug 2009

OEM drives (& some retail ones) do not come with any cables, so if you've no SATA data & power cables (check your PSU for the latter) you'll need to purchase these too. G

  Furkin 18:32 01 Aug 2009

Thanks G.

I was reading a review on these pages about an LG item, which also referred to a Sony AW-G170A. Sounds good enough for me,,,, but is now discontinued.

I followed your links in the other post, and I think the Sony stuff looks better than LG now.

It looks as if my machine only supports PATA/IDE.
I'll start looking for the Sony gear with pata interface (if there are any).

As soon as I can get it sorted, I want to add a WIRELESS / REMOTE HDD - so will be looking for advice on that at some point.

  Furkin 18:35 01 Aug 2009

I'll be replacing an existing drive,,,, so will 'probably' be re using the existing cables etc.

  Furkin 18:26 10 Aug 2009

,,,, well as I expected,,, there are some good SONY IDE drives out there,,,, but I can't find anything near the excellent (to my eyes) AD7241S (which is - I think - only SATA).

I've spent all day searching & also e-mailed several suppliers (only one replied, saying: "We don't give pre sales details").

Sorry to take your time again, but are you aware of such a machine &/or supplier please ?


  Stuartli 18:43 10 Aug 2009

I have the Sony AW-G170A (excellent drive), also available from Sony partner NEC (the brand name is now Optiarc).

There are still some IDE optical drive rewriters about, including this from Sony/NEC/Optiarc:

click here


click here

click here

  citadel 18:50 10 Aug 2009

you can get a lg pata dvd writer oem at scan.co.uk 16.27 plus delivery. its dual layer that means you can get more on one disc. example when you watch a movie on a bought disc, there is a slight pause halfway through as it moves onto the next layer.

  Furkin 18:58 10 Aug 2009

thanks Stuartli,

I have seen the 7200, and if all else fails, will settle for that, but I was hoping to get a bit closer to the 7241S or 7240.

Maybe set my sights a bit high for IDE eh ?

  GaT7 19:17 10 Aug 2009

Sorry, forgot all about this post!

A few cheaper ones to consider (when one takes delivery costs into account):

- LG 22x Turbo click here = £15

- LG GH22NP20 22x click here = £17

- LiteOn IHAP122-19 22x click here = £18

- Sony Optiarc AD-7220A 22x click here = £18

Don't go by figures alone. There's nothing between 24x & 22x. The fastest current DVD media is 18x anyway. G

  Furkin 08:58 11 Aug 2009

CITADEL: Cheers mate. I particularly wanted a Sony item this time. Read a couple of Reviews, & they grabbed my attention.

CB - Thanks again: It looks like i'll be going for the AD7220A in the end then.

I'm not a great fan of E-Buyer, but I did call them yesterday to ask what Sony they had with IDE,,,, & was told to "look on Google" ! Didn't do a lot to endear me to the company.

I've since dropped SONY a line to ask if they had anything like the 7241S with IDE,,,, but one never knows if companies like that will answer, at all. I read somewhere that one was being made,,,, but cos 'I' want one, I don't s'pose they did !

If I don't hear anything else in the next 48 hours, i'll go with the 7220A.

thanks to you all for your help.

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