Which dvd disks

  jaraba 05:58 22 Jan 2009

My laptop has a 8 X DVD-Super Multi double-layer drive.
Which disks can I use in it.
Never burned dvds before so complete novice at this.
Reason for question
Want to burn a backup of my system & it tells me I need 2 dvd disks

  mooly 08:00 22 Jan 2009

Hi, my advice for what it's worth is to forget using DVD's as a backup, they are just to messy and prone to problems. They are OK to create a recovery disc --- many laptops ask you to burn these immediately, but for backing up data-- documents pictures etc use a flash memory stick or SD card. If your lappy hasn't an image backup program supplied with it consider Acronis true image (Amazon). Best investment you can make, you will never worry again about messing anything up and having to reinstall and is worth it's weight in gold. Although not ideal, I store my image backups on the laptop HDD accepting that if it were to fail I would have to reinstall the whole operating system. Must get round to cloning a spare sometime.

  mooly 08:01 22 Jan 2009

Click resources and then tutorials, it's much easier when you do it for real.
click here

  jaraba 11:18 22 Jan 2009

The program suplied on the laptop is "NTi Now 5".
The paper work that came with the laptop recommended that I at least made a back up of the OS setup

  mooly 18:46 22 Jan 2009

Not familiar with the NTI program. It's sound advice to back up the OS but that only takes you back to how it was when new. What you want IMO is a running backup, which the NTI prog may do, so that if you "totally wreck" it today you can just go back to how it was when you made the last backup, which keeps all your applications drivers... everything. I do that and backup to the D partition starting new monthly incremental backups and adding to them every 3 or 4 days. So I am never more than that time away from a complete restore.

  gazzaho 02:18 23 Jan 2009

Most DVD burners can burn any type of DVD disk now days, DVD-R and DVD+R are the most common and they are read only and hold up to 4.7GB of information per disk. A double-layer disk can hold approx 9GB of data (like 2 ordinary DVD disks on one disk) and your machine can burn them at up to 8 times normal speed.

For backup purposes the other posters are right, a dedicated external hard drive and software would be preferable to DVD type storage as it is a less stable storage media, depending on the quality of DVD disk used. Inks can fade over time and a disk that's completely readable now can become unreadable in the future, as a long term backup solution you really should use a hard drive.

  gazzaho 02:27 23 Jan 2009

I just re-read the post and I'm wondering if you are using a recently bought laptop? If so it might be asking you to create restore disks in the event that you system may become corrupt in the future, if this is the case you definitely need to create those disks as they may be the only way to restore your system at a later date.

If this is the case buy some DVD-R or DVD+R disks and just follow the instructions the program gives, insert the disks when it says and wait for them to finish then store them somewhere safe.

  jaraba 13:50 23 Jan 2009

Thanks gazzaho
Restore disks is what I should have said in my original post.

  T0SH 16:36 23 Jan 2009

Google for Nero - Tools & Utilities download it and install it

Running the info tool will list the drive with all its capabilities including the media types it can handle

Cheers HC

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