which DVD disc to use to record films from PC?

  dune3 15:12 03 May 2007

Hello, pc boffins, I'd like to record films from pc which will also playback on my DVD player so I can watch them on my TV. Which DVD blank disc should I use? I get confused with DVD-R & DVD+R!! My friend recorded a film for me sometime ago on a Datawrite DVD R, I checked some websites out, but can't find any DVD R's; all I find are DVD-R & DVD+R, like I said I'm really confused. I don't mind - or + as long they comfortably playback on my DVD player so I can watch the film on the telly.
Will you guys help me out please?

  MAJ 15:15 03 May 2007

Some standalone players like a particular flavour of DVD disk, dune3. Check your players manual to see if it prefers either DVD+R or DVD-R, some will use both types. It really depends on your player. Give us the make and model of your player, see if we can find out for sure.

  dune3 10:10 04 May 2007

Thanks for replying MAJ, I've just been going thru my player's manual & under disc types it says DVD, DVD-A(audio), DVD-V(video), Mp3, CD-RW, CD-R, CD-DA(digital audio), Kodak picture CD. It doesn't mention anything about DVD-R or DVD+R. If you need to investigate further on my behalf, my player is a Cambridge Audio model no. DVD77, 70 Series Progressive Scan CD/DVD Audio player. Awaiting your response & thanks. Dune3.

  jimv7 11:20 04 May 2007

From click here

* Downmix stereo out
* Multi-Region
* Plays DVD+R; DVD+RW; CD; MP3 and Kodak picture CD.
* Component video; Composite and S-Video
* Low resonance acoustically damped chassis
* Optical digital and 5.1 analog outputs
* Offers PAL and NTSC progressive scan output
* DVD Audio

so you need to use dvd+R or dvd+rw

  dune3 11:47 04 May 2007

Thanks for your response jimv7, also checked out the website, everything checks out, will only use DVD+R or DVD+RW from now on. Thanks again to jimv7 & MAJ for your timely response. Dune3.

  MAJ 11:53 04 May 2007

Glad you got it sorted, dune3, sorry I missed your second post this morning, had to pop out.

  dune3 12:21 04 May 2007

Hi, guys, dune3 here again, sorry but I missed out an important query; should the DVD+R/DVD+RW that I purchase be 8x or 16x or any other speed? Please get back.

  Technotiger 12:27 04 May 2007

Hi, x8 or x16 does not make a lot of difference, but peeps usually go for the x16. Also about the best make of DVD blanks is TDK.

  jimv7 13:25 04 May 2007

I try and buy 4x dvd, this was on the recommendation of the manufacturer, for my make of dvd recorder, which can also use + or - dvd's.

  dune3 14:29 04 May 2007

Thanks for both your responses, guys, much appreciated.

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