Which Detonator Drvers??

  simonsup 21:20 04 Jan 2003
  simonsup 21:20 04 Jan 2003

Hi just upgraded from a MX440 64meg TV Out
graphics card to a Creative Geforce4 Ti4200 as the MX440
caused me nothung but headaches. I was using
version 30.82 on the MX440 but pc kept crashing,
random reboots etc.
On the Ti I am using the creative drivers version
Everything seems fine except Grand prix4 keeps
locking up.
I downloaded from Nvidia verion 41.09.
Now all my games crash especially Tiger Woods 2003.
Did a directX test & it passed all the tests.
I have gone back to the creative drivers for now
but cant seem to solve this problem :(
Also my Ti4200 says it has a memory clock speed
of 500mhz but the display properties under clock frequencies says 513mhz as default?
My system as follows:
Windows XP Pro
Gigabyte GA-7ZXE with 512mb of pc133 memory
Amd Athlon XP1800.
Ibm Deskstar 84.2 100ata Hard Disk
Creative 3D Blaster4 Ti4200 64meg graphics
Creative Sounblaster Live 1024
Pinnacle TV Tuner pci card
Creative 12/10/32 CDRW
16X DVD Rom Drive
Any help will be grateful.

  DieSse 23:23 04 Jan 2003

Your mainboard uses a Via chipset. Make sure you have the latset Via 4-in-1 motherboard drivers, for minimum AGP problems, and fastest HDD speeds.

I have used a variety of nVidia boards over the last few years - TNT, TNT2, GeF2, and currently GeFMX440. I have always used the latest nVidia drivers, and always kept my motherboard chipset drivers (various intel, and Via) up to date.

The problems I have had with graphics have been almost non-existent, maybe luck, maybe latest drivers all round.

  AMD 4 ever 23:31 04 Jan 2003

it is also worth checking your hdd, run the manufacturers test aswell, might be a failing drive.

Long shot but I have also found a dodgy soundcard or Modem driver can play havoc, perhaps worth grabbing all the new drivers and try them one by one!

  simonsup 00:01 05 Jan 2003

funny that I`ve always used Nvidia based graphics
and never had a problem, this all started on my old pc which was a PIII 700 cpu sitting in a Leqend QDI Advance 10f mobo with Geforce2 mx200
32meg graphics card.
I brought GP4 and could not get any decent frame
rates so i brought a Geforce4 MX440 & all my problems started there.
So far I`vw replaced the mobo (now a Gigabte GA-7ZXE, Athlon XP1800+, new 350 PSU & a Geforce 4Ti4200. A new Ibm Deskstar Harddrive. The only thing That I`ve reused is the 512meg of pc133 dram memory (1x256mb & 2x128mb).
Sometimes my pc will run happily for a good 6 hours before crashing or rebooting.
Windows online crash page says a devive driver has caused the problem but cant determine the exact cause.
My mobo has latest bios update & the latest Via 4in1 drivers.
I`m stumped :(

  doug 09:19 05 Jan 2003


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