Which cooling fan please ?

  Furkin 10:16 20 Mar 2007

Hi all,

I need to replace the cooling fan on my ACER Aspire T120. ATHLON XP 2400+ (not sure what socket it is ?)

The original is:
FOXCONN ZP DC Brushless Fan
Model: PV763DJ4
DC12v 0.6A CS Bearing. DK6341.

I can’t seem to find this model, so does anyone know what replacement I can use please ?

Many thanks

  Belatucadrus 10:51 20 Mar 2007

The socket is a Socket A (Socket 462) click here

Here are some options in a range of prices :
click here
click here
click here
click here

  keef66 11:04 20 Mar 2007

click here

Try one of these; cheap, quiet and effective

  Furkin 11:52 20 Mar 2007

thanks both,
I'm a bit wiser now (!) None of them mention the 0.6v bit tho',,, is this critical, or taken 'as is for the model' ?

  Furkin 11:53 20 Mar 2007

,,,,,ooops,,, that should read 0.6'A',,,, not 'v' - sorry !

  keef66 12:27 20 Mar 2007

They'll all be 12v but the amps will vary a bit depending on the power of the motor. I recommended the arctic cooling one because I had one on my Athlon XP 2100+ and it was excellent.

The Zalmans are things of real beauty, but if I was paying that much for a cpu cooler I'd want led's on it and a window in the case so I could see it

  Furkin 12:40 20 Mar 2007

thanks again,
I need to get something a,s,a,p so i think i'll go for the Arctic one.
I've dropped that supplier a line, so will order as soon as he gets back.
In the meantime thanks again.
,,,,,, saying that,,,, I might consider upgrading the cpu whilst i'm about it. Any idea what the best one is for my motherboard (11/04/2003-KM400-8235-6A6LYE1BC-00) ? I'm not a gamer or do tons of imaging.
Is it a matter of taking the old one out & popping the new one in,,,, or do I need to adjust bios or anything ? If this is so, i'll leave it for later (I don't mind the mechanical bits,,,, but i'm limited on the technical bits) ?!?!

  keef66 14:03 20 Mar 2007

You'll struggle to find a socket A cpu anywhere except Ebay. As far as I can tell, your motherboard might support an upgrade to an Athlon 2800 or 3000, but to be completely honest, you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference.

If you want to upgrade this age of pc beyond increasing the amount of ram, consider a bundle including motherboard, cpu and ram, and be prepared to have to reinstall your operating system

  Furkin 11:26 22 Mar 2007

o.k. guys,
I'll just run this past you before I put it out generally.
I just received an Actic Copper Silent & fitted it.
The initial readings were:
M.Board 28 (82)
CPU 48 (118)
HDD 25 (77)

Case: 3444.
CPU: 1548.
The speed of the CPU fan should be 2200rpm.
Of course the CPU temp is way too high, in my limited opinion.
That computer has just closed its-self down, so I assume that it's over heated ?!

Any ideas please ?

  keef66 12:02 22 Mar 2007

I have an Athlon XP 2100+ and it generally runs at 45c winter, 50c summer. AMD reckon it's safe to 95c so I'm happy with that.

I now have an Asaka carnival cooler with a manual speed control knob so I can increase fan speed for gaming in the summer, but I rarely use it above it's barely audible minimum speed.

I doubt your pc has shut down due to overheating unless your bios is telling it to do so at 50c or something like that. Mine is set to warn me should it reach 70c.

It's possible that the bios has a min setting for cpu fan speed of say 2000 rpm, and it's shutting down because it thinks that fan is failing.

  Furkin 12:20 22 Mar 2007

thanks keef,
it surprised me cos the temp was around 35c with the old fax (when it was running proper).
Like I say, it's only running at 1548rpm instead of 2200.
Can the bios speed limiter (if it is set for that) be adjusted ?

also will be looking for a quiet Case fan - the T120 are known to be loud,,,, it's the noisiest that i've come across.
Is there such a thing out there ?


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