Which connection will be faster, wireless / direct

  Esc4p3 12:40 26 Mar 2008

Getting o2 broadband soon, and it comes with a wireless router. My PC is upstairs, so inevitably there is some fairly long cabling involved inside my house. I read somewhere that internal house wiring can really slow down broadband connections, because it can be sensitive about 'dodgy' cabling.

So, the main phone socket for the house is downstairs, would I get a quicker connection by plugging the router in down there, and connecting via wireless to the desktop (dont have a laptop).

Is it a case of trial and error to see which works best? Any advice always welcome, thanks.

  ambra4 13:43 26 Mar 2008

With a hard wire system the LAN card connect speed at 100Mbps

The wireless system connect speed can verity between 0Mbps -54Mbps depending on the

distance, amount and thickness of walls, location of the PC, quality of signal, interference

from wireless phones, microwave unit, etc

If you want a reliable system hard wire the computer to the router

  Kemistri 01:12 27 Mar 2008

That does not really answer the question. The OP wants a comparison between BT-standard telephone extension cable and the performance of a typical wireless network.

The answer to that lies in whether your intended cable run will push the limits of that cable, which is something that a telecoms engineer should be able to confirm based on how far the run needs to be. If the run will be at risk of poor performance, he will tell you. It stands to reason that IF there is any drop off through the telephone cable run, then it COULD be outperformed by a wireless LAN link. All such links diminish with distance and to varying degrees, but there is enough headroom in even an 802.11g W-LAN to allow for a typical UK ADSL connection without ill effects.

Whether there actually will be any drop off in a telephone extension in your house is not something that I can answer, except to confirm that my extension (from ground floor front to 1st floor rear) does not suffer any issues.

  Esc4p3 08:54 27 Mar 2008

OK thanks for the answers. Will have to wait and see how my actual setup performs, possibly worrying about nothing....

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