which computer do I go for?

  mims 16:59 23 Jan 2006

am about to get a new computer for my 14 year old son,(replace a 5yr old Gateway ) but have no idea what to go for. Budget is up to £700 and it will be used mainly for internet, emailing, gaming and he wants to play X box games(??)
Have I budgeted enough or is this too much, do I go to PC world or look at Dell. Mesh or other....Help

  PaulB2005 17:08 23 Jan 2006

"he wants to play X box games"

You'll need a XBox for that.

At £700 it might be a bit lacking for serious gaming. I woul spend less on a PC for Internet and E-mail and buy an XBox for gaming instead.

  Diemmess 17:24 23 Jan 2006

Mention the word Gamimg, if serious, the price goes silly.

Stay with the other usess and you can trade for a humbler video card, a CPU below the fastest and enjoy a good monitor, more RAM, think about better printer, software and so on.

  Starfox 17:48 23 Jan 2006

Take a look at these click here

This one in particular should play any of the latest games click here and it's near enough to your budget I think.

  PaulB2005 19:36 23 Jan 2006

Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 6600 256Mb DDR + DVI/TV out PCI Express

"This one in particular should play any of the latest games"

Hmm... It might well do but maybe only just. It's not the strongest of cards for the latest games.

  Starfox 20:03 23 Jan 2006

Without spending a fortune on the latest whizz bang graphics card as long as you don't want to have the game running at the highest settings and it will still be enjoyable.

  rmcqua 15:25 25 Jan 2006

He's 14 years old and being given a replacement for a 5 year old Gateway, for goodness sake! I'm sure he will be delighted with the NVidia GeForce 6600.

  Starfox 17:46 25 Jan 2006

"I'm sure he will be delighted with the NVidia GeForce 6600."

I'm sure he will, and long may he enjoy it.

  007al 18:49 25 Jan 2006

Go for the 3700 click here its £667.40 with a copy windows xp pre-installed.Its a great price

  Andsome 08:45 26 Jan 2006

You take your life in your hands with any of the big computer company's. They will include loads of so called FREE programs, which of course are included in their costings, many which you will find no use for. If you hit problems, you may spend ages waiting for attention on premium rate help lines, and then ages going through diagnostics with the operator. At the end of all this they will probably say the fault lies in a certain component, and that they will post one to you. When you protest that you have an on site warranty, the reply will be that they cannot send someone out for such a simple job.

Visit a small local computer builder at a busy time, say Saturday morning. Mingle with other customers and ask about the reliability of the firm. Visit again during a quiet period, and discuss with the proprietor, exactly what you want the computer for, and take his advice. You will get a reliable computer built within a few days, almost certainly delivered and installed for you. Any problems, just pop in and discuss them with him. I have gone this route twice, and have NOT regretted it. My son in law has taken a month to get a new £1500 Evesham working properly, and has spent a fortune on help line calls.

  mims 13:56 26 Jan 2006

Many thanks for your advice, have decided to spend a bit more time looking round and quite like the idea of getting one locally. I've always been a bit sceptical about going to small companies, but having spent the last few weeks reading all the comments posted by people on this site, I have changed my mind.
Will definetley go with the graphics card mentioned, many thanks

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