Which components do i upgrade for better gaming

  Paul_De 20:31 13 Jan 2004

I am not really a gamer, but i thought i'd indulge in Combat Flight Simulator 3, as i do like sims. The system requirements on the box seemed OK, and i felt quite smug because i thought my system was more than adequate for the job. Big mistake! I have a Pentium 2.4GHZ CPU, 768MB PC2100 RAM, 120GB 5400RPM hard drive, Geforce 4 MX440 8xAGP, MSI Sis648 Max 8xAGP motherboard. The sim graphics are stunning, but the stuttering is terrible! It is unplayable, even with all the display and audio settings set to bare minimum. I dont understand because some peoples systems i have read about have far less specced machines than mine, and they run fine! I dont really mess about with the XP OS, or the bios, so my machine is quite untouched in that way. My question is - what would be the best upgrade path...more RAM? better graphics card? faster RPM hard drive? all?

  jonnytub 20:34 13 Jan 2004

graphics card is the most important, then memory and then processor

  soy 21:11 13 Jan 2004

Definately the Graphics card. The Geforce Mx440 is really a cheapo budget card that can only handle oldish games.

For extra efficiency, a faster 7200rpm hard drive would make loading games faster. More RAM would speed up your overall PC experience.

First thing though, is GRAPHICS CARD!

  Paul_De 21:27 13 Jan 2004

Thanks both of you...I had a hunch that my graphics card was crap, just needed to here it for real. As a follow up what would be the best card I could get for around £100?

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