Which CHEAP Graphics Card ???

  justin37 07:43 15 May 2004

Hi Guys

I am looking to replace my current 32mb on board graphics with a Sapphire ATI Radeon 9200SE which I have seen here- click here .

I am running an athlon 1800 xp with 512mb ram 40 gb hdd, all pretty bog standard stuff.What do you reckon to this card and if its no good reccomendations for another, I can't afford to spend more than about forty quid, oh and I don't play games on my PC so that isn't an issue,just digital movies and dvd.



  justin37 07:45 15 May 2004

Oh and by the way I don't have an AGP slot just a PCI.


  justin37 07:49 15 May 2004


Just noticed that cards AGP. I need assistance!!!!


  ste_bla 07:58 15 May 2004

How much do you want to spend?

Dont know about othersites but look at dabs.com PCI cards from 30 quid.. link for them click here

If your not playing much etc would surgest the FX5200 or MX440


  ste_bla 08:01 15 May 2004

Just saw the 40 quid thing would surgest you go for the Dabsvalue 9200se 128mb 43 pound + del.

Its about 8th down the list if you select it into price order (click on up arrow beside price)

  ste_bla 08:02 15 May 2004

And sorry about the other random things in the list sorry its just coz i did a search..

anyway enjoy

  ste_bla 08:03 15 May 2004

sorry last post this link is better refined click here

  justin37 08:14 15 May 2004

Thanks for that, seems an okay price, do I have any other options regarding card typr, ie geforce?


  ste_bla 08:22 15 May 2004

well that dabs value one is a Radeon..

with you wanting a PCI graphics card you wont get much choice at all seeing 90% of comps come with a AGP card.. sorry to be blunt but beggers cant be choosers n all..

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