Which CD-RW REWRITER is the best?

  diddi.ash 17:03 02 Oct 2004

I know nothing apart from the basics to do with computer software, my cd-rewriter dosent work anymore and i want to get a new one!

My question is which one is best, i have seen a Sony 52x32x52 IDE Internal CDRW Drive + Software Ivory on kelcoo for £21.09 but i dont know what all the jargon means, i only want a cheap one really because its only for burning music cd's with.

Also i have seen the CD-RW DVD combos, are these any good?

Any suggestions most grateful

Oh! i am running on windows XP

  diddi.ash 17:07 02 Oct 2004

Also on ebay this one!
click here

  Cook2 17:12 02 Oct 2004

click here a good buy.

  Noelg23 17:12 02 Oct 2004

click here I have a Samsung combo CD writer and DVD drive...its a beauty...want to get a DVD writer but need to raise the dosh for it first...but go to that site and you wont be disappointed....

  JonnyTub 17:13 02 Oct 2004

why not get a dvd rewriter and cd-rewriter in one for £42.21 all in. click here

  User-312386 17:16 02 Oct 2004

go for anyone you like really

a cd-rw is a cd-rw

  JonnyTub 17:17 02 Oct 2004

you'll notice further down the ebuyer page there is a cd-rewriter drive for about £20 delivered. stay away from ebay for low cost, readily available things such as these.

  diddi.ash 17:26 02 Oct 2004

Thanks for that, i have looked at the links, some say its for the drive only, what does that mean?

Are they easy to install by myself

  Noelg23 17:29 02 Oct 2004

are you talking about OEM? now to be honest I dont know what OEM actually means but I know its basically saying you dont get all the stuff you normally get if you buy the retail version (in a box) so for example with some you would just get the drive and no drivers CD or cables...others do give you the drive with drivers CD and cables most dont...its crap cos most sites you go to all do OEM...can someone please tell me what does OEM stand for again? I have forgotten...

  JonnyTub 17:30 02 Oct 2004

original equipment manufacturer

  JonnyTub 17:32 02 Oct 2004

OEM is fine for you as your putting the drive in place of another one and the cables are already in place, your just swapping the drives. As for software, i recommend buying nero, but there are many free alternatives which come highly rated. Deepburner is one of them

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