which cd to record on

  hubdean 00:24 27 Jun 2004

can anyone tell me how to record pictures on to a disk that will play on my dvd player

i have nero 6 and am trying to copie on to a cd rewritable disk

dont know if i have the right disks or not

  stalion 00:35 27 Jun 2004

if you have an up to date dvd player it should play svcd so choose that in nero and you can burn to cd

  ZEROTOLERANCE 00:36 27 Jun 2004

to put a dvd film onto disc you will need DVDR or DVDRW discs, a CDR or CDRW disc is no where near big enough to store the info for dvd you would need mny discs for 1 film

  stalion 00:40 27 Jun 2004

I have burnt a 40 miute film to cd in svcd mode and played it on my dvd player.A cd will be adequate for pictures

  hugh-265156 00:47 27 Jun 2004

quickest way with nero is to open 'nero express' and choose 'videos/pictures' then 'vcd or svcd' click 'add' and browse for your pics. click each pic and then click 'add' keep going and click finished when you have added them all.

in the next screen right click your photos in turn and click 'properties' and in the 'pause after track' box select from the drop down list 'seconds' and add the number of seconds to display for or choose 'infinate' if you wish to use the next previous buttons on the dvd player. click next and add menus if you want and click next then burn it.

check if your home player can play vcd or svcd discs. look it up click here

  ZEROTOLERANCE 04:02 27 Jun 2004

Sorry i stand corrected, teach me to read questions properly

  gregori 04:36 27 Jun 2004

A simpler way is just to copy them to a CDR as jpegs. The DVD player will read them. You can even put them in categories but will only read down one hierachy. This at least is what I found on my DVD player which I only paid £40 when new.

  hubdean 12:02 27 Jun 2004

Thanks for the replys
Not much luck yet can you tell me if i have the right cd to record on im using
CD Rewritable 80 minute 700mb
4x-10x compatible
but i cannot copie to the disk or erase it

  Dorsai 12:17 27 Jun 2004

Are you able to put anything on the Blank disk? Will it let you create a new folder?

  Totally-braindead 12:19 27 Jun 2004

Cd rewriteable may or may not work on your DVD player some player will only read CDRs have a look at your manual for your DVD player and see what types of disks it will read. Regarding your writer not writing to the disk there are 2 possibilities either your cd writer doesn't like this particular make of cdrw in which case they are useless to you or you haven't formatted the disk first. I seem to remember that before you can write to a cdrw disk you need to format it. But its been that long since I used anything other than cdrs that I can't remember much about it. Try burning onto a cdr instead of a cdrw.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 12:24 27 Jun 2004

yes it "should" be right , you are using the right type of disc

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