Which to buy , a Epson or Canon printer? HELP

  Boy Zone 13:35 04 Nov 2005

Hi to forum members,
I'm trying to decide which printer to buy, I have a budget of £100 to £130.
I want an all purpose printer, to occationally print photos, but also good text.
I have seem the Canon IP 5200, which looks good, but I dont know the difference between the two manufactures.
Of course I want economy of ink to be taken into consideration.
Can you please help

  EFC1878 13:47 04 Nov 2005

For what it i sworth I am on my second Epson printer (R200) , my daughter at uni hase an Epson 830U and I have just purchased a new printer (Epson 46U) for the younger daughter.

Whilst having nopthing agaisnt Canon or any other manufacturer my first printer was totally reliable and outlasted 2 PCs befor esuccombing to old age (or rather a cardboard jam!!) and I intend to stick with Epsons because of the relaibility' ease of use; features and quality of the outputs.

No doubt others could make the same comments about Canon printers.

  PaulB2005 13:59 04 Nov 2005


Seperate Ink Heads which is easily removable from the printer for cleaning.

Clear Cartiridges that use all the ink

Excellent quality photo prints - try before you buy - click here

  TonyV 14:03 04 Nov 2005

I have an HP930C and an Epson Stylus Photo R300. The HP, though considerably older than the Epson, is a far superior printer. The Ink consumables are cheap to buy on the Epson, but will not deliver many sheets of print. It is desperately slow in printing text. If you print on the "draft" mode you will hardly be able to read what you have printed. The Epson has hardly ever been used in the 9 months I have had it. (In other words, a complete waste of £100!!)

I don't know about the Canon printers so cannot comment on them.


  chub_tor 14:30 04 Nov 2005

I used Epson exclusively for about 6 years - four different models I think - then I bought a Canon, the i865 which has since been superseded. I would never go back to Epson. as paulB2005 says "separate ink heads, easy cleaning and clear cartridges."

  keef66 14:40 04 Nov 2005

I'm with PaulB2005. Have a Canon Pixma 3000. Great all-round printer, cost £80 but can be had for less now. Only has the basic 4 ink colours but photos are superb, even with non Canon inks. Separate tanks so you only replace what's run out. Text printing is excellent and very quick, it will print onto CD's, and even print double sided if you're prepared to wait. There's a 50 sheet paper tray underneath which we keep full of plain A4 (paper stays flat and dust-free), and you can also feed other media eg photo paper, envelopes, labels from the top. It might look like a block of concrete, but it works brilliantly.

If you're really into photos, go for the 4000 or 5000 with the extra colour inks

Also worth a mention is the photo and web printing software which comes with it; Super Web-print does what it says on the tin, it fits the web page onto the paper without missing any bits off the sides.

  TonyAA 14:46 04 Nov 2005

It makes you wonder why Epson are one of the best selling printers in the world when they are so bad.

  PaulB2005 14:48 04 Nov 2005

Who said they are so bad?

  flyingbrit 14:49 04 Nov 2005

second that....canon every time!!

  Stuartli 15:30 04 Nov 2005

Both are excellent quality brands (Epson is a division of Seiko) and the differences will be mainly down to running costs. These should be lower with a Canon.

I had a Canon BJ600e for nine years - it was a superbly quiet and efficient printer and was fully kitted out for photo and transparency printing even then.

Compatible replacement cartridges were £2 for each of the three colours and black or £2.25 for double capacity black - ink refilling made it even cheaper to run.

  daisy2bell 15:50 04 Nov 2005

I've got 2 epson printers, Stylus colour 760 which gives excellent printouts and is also good at photos unless you blow them up and then it does lose quality.
Stylus Photo 890 which gives much better quality photo prints

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