Which Burner Program please ?

  Furkin 13:43 26 Feb 2008

I’m about to get a new car radio/cd player.
It will also play SD / USB / (Bluetooth enabled) etc.
I am then hoping to put only the tracks that I want to play on ‘compilation’ discs (SD/USB) etc.
So far I’ve only done very limited burning,,,, & only a full CD copy (to play in the car). I use Nero - tho’ to be honest, I don’t get on with it very well - I realise that it could just be me,,,, but was hoping to find something easier for this thicko to use !
I’ve just seen a reply about IMGBURN on these pages, so I was wondering what else might be out there - free if poss - for me to try.
As I say, most of it will be for selecting single tracks to burn /copy.
Also: Is MP3 an automatic thing when burning, or is it a thing I need a specific program for ?

Thanks for reading this,,,

  Totally-braindead 13:58 26 Feb 2008

click here as an example.

I use Nero and its never let me down and I rather like it. If its XP you have you could also use XPs built in burning program which writes to CDs only.

I have to mention though you do not need any burning program if you just want to use a USB pen dive or even some sort of memory like SD. You just either copy and paste to it or drag and drop.

You don't need any burner.

  ambra4 15:43 26 Feb 2008

Try this one, which I use,

click here

Or Nero 7 never had any problems with either one

  woodchip 15:45 26 Feb 2008

Free click here

  Totally-braindead 15:45 26 Feb 2008

Snap woodchip.

  skidzy 15:49 26 Feb 2008

Deepburner click here
Imgburn is good also,this i use for any iso's and has been terrific,never let me down.

There are a few others if needed.

Not forgetting Windows Media Player,this will do as you ask,no problem.

  Totally-braindead 15:58 26 Feb 2008

I'll repeat what I said earlier if you are going to use a USB pen drive or a memory card of some description you do not burn onto them and therefore don't need any burning program, you either drag and drop the files to the card or drive or cut and paste them to the drive. Once you've made them MP3s from your CDs of course. And Windows Media Player can do that.

  Procrastinus 16:50 26 Feb 2008

I use BurnAware Free. can be found at click here.

  Furkin 19:45 26 Feb 2008

Thanks to you all,

I'll be trying a couple of them as I go along.

TBD: thanks mate - Yep - understand that.

although I have today tried drag'n'drop a couple of songs.
I have found out that my computer only has card 'readers',,,, my Brother All-in-One does have a writer tho'.
I opened a CD.
I note that all the songs have a size of 1kb ! Of course, they would all be slightly different (or is that 1kb the size of the logo/shortcut ?)
I opened an SD card.

I dragged a couple of songs over to the SD card & it seems to have taken. (I also tried it to USB later - with the same result)

but,,,,,,, when I try to play them on the PC I got a message saying that they wern't formatted for Nero !
I try to play them in MEDIA PLAYER but can't seem to find the tracks.
I downloaded the latest M.Player today also.
The top right corner of M.Player does show either the USB or SD depending on which i'm using,,,, but I can't find the tracks.

As far as I am aware, they are on the USB &/or SD card & show up when opening the piece in question.

Probably just need to click the right button,,,, sorry to be dim guys & gals - but any idea where have I gone wrong please ?

  Furkin 19:47 26 Feb 2008

,,,,, have just realised that i'm not getting e-mailed notification of replys ! It is still ticked in the appropriate box !

  woodchip 21:10 26 Feb 2008

Once you tick the box you do not get mail response

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