Which broadband supplier?

  stlucia 14:07 13 Feb 2004

My employer has barred internet-based email services at work because of the risk of viruses, so I'm thinking I'll have to get broadband at home now. I've looked through this forum, broadband suppliers' sites, and broadband advice sites, and I'm still confused. The problem in a nutshell is I can't afford £30 per month for the service on top of my BT line rental and ISP subscription (currently AOL).

So, can you sort me out on the following, please?

1. NTL (they serve my area) seem to offer what I'm looking for -- a package which gives me broadband and a telephone line for about £15 per month all-in. But they seem to have a bad name. Why?

2. Can anyone recommend another way of getting a similar deal -- even BT seem to charge for the phone line on top of the broadband price, unless I'm mistaking their blurb.

3. If I get broadband, does that then get me onto the www without the need to sign up for other service? Presumably, once I've got broadband I can simply start up IE and have direct access to the web?

4. Will I still be able to use my dial-up service if I need to?

  Bagsey 14:27 13 Feb 2004

Hi. I use BTyahoo for my BB and get my email with it. Not all BB supliers do that. I pay for my ordinary phone and use that line for BB so dont pay any more than the BB charge ie. £29.?? per month for a 576kbslink. I have had no trouble with the service since I signed up at the back end of last year (OCT.) Free Modem and Filters supplied.

  Bagsey 14:29 13 Feb 2004

Sorry I missed the answers to your quest 3 and 4 . Yes to both. Question 1. Ntl not available everywhere. and poor support from what I have read.

  webber_man 14:30 13 Feb 2004

£23.44 per month, excellent prices for set up/modem/micro filters etc. and a great service all-round - never any problems.

  anchor 14:44 13 Feb 2004

I agree with webber_man.

Had their 512k service almost 2 years now, and am a satisfied customer. Very, very few problems, which have been quickly resolved.

click here

  The Dark Sage 14:45 13 Feb 2004

I would agree with Webber_man, myself and several others that I know all use pipex and have had no problems with the service.

Questions answered.

1. NTL have a bad name because they seem to offer somewhat shoddy support, not experianced it so can't really say if it is true or not.

2. You will always have to pay for your phone line if you have ADSL, its just how it is. You won't pay any extra though for web usage other than your monthly fee, no mater how long you surf for.

3. Yep, no more services required when you have it up and running. Surf away.

4. Yes you can use a dial up account if you wish. Many companies, including Pipex offer you dial up accounts in case your Broadband goes down.

  byfordr 14:47 13 Feb 2004

Or try here click here £22.50 inc vat for half meg connection. Using their 1 mb and 2mb without problems. Half price connection at the moment. For a more informed choice click here


  Djohn 14:47 13 Feb 2004

Important point in your question! You are already with AOL so if you change to Broadband and stay with AOL. The B/B fee would not be on top of the subscription you already pay, it would replace it.

If you go with another ISP for your B/B and stay with AOL, then the subscription to AOL would be an unnecessary expense as you will not be using AOL. You will be using your new ISP through B/B.

Yes, you will pay your normal line rental for your phone and all phone calls made as normal. All your internet access will be covered in your Broadband fee without any extra cost. This will give you always on access 24/7. High speed access and your phone is there to use at any time, even while you are on-line. j.

  stlucia 14:48 13 Feb 2004

Thanks Bagsey and webber_man. Questions 3 and 4 answered. But, unless I'm mistaken, with both the suppliers you've mentioned I have to rent a phone line from BT (or whoever) and also pay the BB price to the BB supplier, don't I?

With NTL (my area is served by them) I would get the phone line and the BB service all in one price of about £15 per month, so I was really wondering if any other supplier did a combined deal like that.

  Stormpool 14:48 13 Feb 2004

All is good with pipex!

And if you refer someone else to pipex, you get 1 month's free service!

  stlucia 15:10 13 Feb 2004

Thanks to all the others who replied while I was typing out my previous response.

My AOL account is an old £5.95 (I think) 2-hour-per-month deal, so if I add that to Pipex's monthly BB charge (so I can keep my AOL email addresses), I get something close to the AOL BB price.

Thus, it's probably a choice of stick with AOL, or switch to NTL as a telephone and BB supplier. So, any personal experiences of the problems people allegedly have with NTL?

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