Which Broadband Speed?

  prince midas 10:48 27 Feb 2007

At the moment I am on dialup with an average speed of 4kps which gives me about 12mB an hour download.

My local exchange tell me my maximun broadband speed is about 4MB that they can deliver.

Allowing for say a drop in performance am I better paying for a 1MB speed as I doubt that 2mb will be twice as fast.

If I get a 1MB what in real terms comparing my dialup will it be say 10 times faster? etc & what will I be able to download in an hour with broadband allowing for the fact that on dialup I only get about 60% of 56K.

  Batch 10:58 27 Feb 2007

On my 1mbps connection (with UKonline at £9.99 per month, no download limit) I've just downloaded 13MB and it took approx 1m 53 secs (so a shade under 9 seconds per megabyte). To be quite frank, unless you are into frequent (i.e. many times a day) and / or very large downloads 1mbps is more than adequate.

  Batch 11:02 27 Feb 2007

BTW, one thing to bear in mind is the effective speed you may get. I pay for 1mbps and I get 1mbps as near as dammit. As I think you are aware, others often pay for higher nominal download speeds but don't actually achieve them.

Factors that can affect this include:

- The distance from the exchange

- The quaility of the line from the exchange

- The quality of the wiring in your home

- The contention ratio and how many others are active at the same time as you.

  Dipso 12:28 27 Feb 2007

Do you have a provider in mind? Many ISP's are selling the up to 8 Meg products for the same price as 1 or 2 Meg currently. If it won't cost you more, go for the higher speed.

Apart from the factors listed by Batch above, the capacity of the provider can also affect what speeds you can achieve. I would suggest you check out some reviews before you decide on a provider.

  prince midas 13:35 27 Feb 2007

I am on Tiscali dialup & now pay £5 a month for 5 days a week 10 hours a day.So 50 hours a week.
They are £13 a month for 1 MB broadband which is all I require,and at Batches figure giving 350 MB in an hour download this is great.

I will have a look at UKOnline.

  Batch 13:42 27 Feb 2007

One thing to watch out for with the UKOnline pricing is that the £9.99 a month only applies where the local exchange has the appropriate kit (so called LLU) otherwise the price may be higher. If you go onto the UKonline site and enter your details, you'll soon find out.

But there are plenty of other alternatives around anyhow.

  prince midas 13:44 27 Feb 2007

No UKOnline want £20 a month in my area of Yorkshire for 1MB.

Anyone got any other suggestions apart from Tiscali at £13.

  n4165si 13:52 27 Feb 2007

one thing is for certain ,do not choose Orange,they have given their subscribers a lot of grief and their service is crap.

  aine 20:38 27 Feb 2007

try namesco, they do a fairly cheap broadband for 2Mbps

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