Which broadband provider would you recommend

  Koochy 23:18 21 Jan 2007

Hi all i am looking to leave AOHell as i am paying 17 quid a month for 2MB broadband but i am undecided as to which provider to go with as there seem to be so many "good deals" out there at the minute and i was wondering if anyone has had an outstanding service from any of the providers. I have just seen an advert about sky broad band, sky t.v. and free calls for 26 quid a month any suggestions would be appreciated.
I live in an area where cable services are not available.



  skidzy 23:20 21 Jan 2007

Personally i have been with Freeserve/Wanadoo and now called orange.This has never let me down,so i guess i can vouch for them.

  RobCharles1981 23:29 21 Jan 2007

I'm on AOL at the moment my old man tells me they are charging £9.99 a month now, I still think AOL not very good, so come July now I'm going to go with BT I think least you won't be talking to a bunch of Indians thats all I can say.

  Koochy 23:31 21 Jan 2007

That is another option but you are the first person i have spoken to that is on Orange do they have a monthly download limit and if so what is it? I am not sure what limit i would need as i have been with AOHell for 2 years now and they are unlimited usage.


  rodriguez 23:34 21 Jan 2007

I've got Sky Broadband and I've had a few problems with the connection cutting out and being unreliable. The connection doesn't go off for long but it can be pretty frequent so you'll be browsing websites, they'll stop loading then you have to wait a couple of minutes for them to load again which is annoying. Also they switched over the broadband service to Sky on time - shame they didn't send the router on time. This left me with no broadband service for about a week. The speeds are about average though, I can usually get the fastest that my line supports, but during peak times this drops which is normal. If you're considering Sky, you might want to wait until they've been going for a while and you might get a more stable service.

  Koochy 23:35 21 Jan 2007

Thanks for that but i don't really use the helplines that much as if i have a problem with anything i come here as the service is much more friendly and definitely more helpful.


  Koochy 23:38 21 Jan 2007

Thanks for that i am very interested in the sky deal as i would like the t.v. package aswell but i think i may just sign up to the t.v. and leave the broadband for a while as you suggest.


  skidzy 23:39 21 Jan 2007

i have 2Mb connection and have never had a problem with download limits.I pay (i think) £17.99 a month.

This serves me fine and in 4 years only ever had a handful of no-connections,i take it there was upgrades to there servers.

All in all,no problems to date.

  barryoneoff.co.uk 23:40 21 Jan 2007

I have nothing but praise for BT (now BTYahoo). I have been with them for years, both dial up and BB. Never had a problem.

  Koochy 23:47 21 Jan 2007

Just been having a look at their site and it seems impressive the service you are on is only £14.99 a month. I don't use the net a great deal so i think i may be okay with the 2GB limit i think i will give them a call tomorrow and see what they have to say.

The only other problem i am facing (i think) is i have been told that if i want to change BB providers then i have to get in touch with AOL and request a mac code and i have also been told off a couple of people that aol are very awkward about giving this out. Can anybody clarify this for me please?


  skidzy 23:51 21 Jan 2007

having never changed my isp,im not to sure of the procedure but do know it can be a difficult time for a limited time.
I guess its similar to mobile phone contracts when changing the provider.Normally all over in a couple of weeks.
Others may advise more Koochy.

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