ARTY DAN 11:38 01 Apr 2007

I am with Nildram at the moment for broadband and phone the broadband is 8meg with 50gb download limit this is £25.99 per month and the phone package is unlimited phone calls local and national for £4.99 per month plus I am paying £11 to BT for line rental. the problem is phoning the non geographic numbers which are not included in the phone package or any other call providers package I have looked at. Februarys bill from Nildram was £42.44 and March's bill was £47 something, plus the 11 pound a month for line rental from BT the phoning non geographic numbers has pushed the Nildram bill up to a silly amount its now to expensive per month. I have looked on various broadband comparison websites adsl guide was one the realy good providers madasafish and zen have packages around the same price as mine but with less of a download limit. So there would be no advantage swapping over to either of them. I was looking for a cheaper broadband provider to compensate for the non geographic calls. I looked at broadband and phone packages DST (direct save telecom) got a lot of good reviews but got some poor ones also. Theirs is the cheapest package at £16.95 pm for 8 meg unlimited brodaband and unlimited local and national calls.
Does anyone know of this company and is using them for broadband and phone or just broadband.
I can not find any other provider cheaper but as they say cheapest isn't always best. I would appreciate help on this as I've been going around in circles for about three hours now. Thanks in advance


  oldbeefer2 11:58 01 Apr 2007

I've found I have to compromise, so I use talk talk for phone calls (really good deal, particularly as I call Oz frequently), and a small ISP (Vispa) for broadband - £17.99 for up to 8mb. Limited download each month, but I've never come near exceeding it (and not too dear if the limit is exceeded). Customer service (on the odd occasion I've needed it) has been excellent. Not convinced the all-in-one packages work, but I wait to be corrected!

  birdface 12:13 01 Apr 2007

click here gets upgraded to 20mb next month ,have a look around, Good deals for new customers.

  birdface 12:15 01 Apr 2007

It does not want to work,It is click here

  kalstras 13:42 01 Apr 2007

Ntl, which is now virgin media, but all in all is really good and offers 24 hour (free) support

click here

  pj123 14:36 01 Apr 2007

Are the non geographic numbers all businesses?

If so you could try here: (I have used it quite often) and see if there are alternative normal numbers.

click here

I am on NTL Talk Unlimited, similar to your deal, £25 per month £14 plus £11 line rental.

  ^wave^ 14:50 01 Apr 2007

i am with homecall pipex £29 includes 8mg bb phone calls to national and local free line rental seems good to me

  dhg 14:57 01 Apr 2007

i had same problem, paying £25 for broadband and calls + Other calls not covered + bt line rental
costing £30-£35 pm decided to swich to bt same package £25-£30pm. On asking my provider for mac number to transfer they offered me over a 50% reduction on my package as i had been a customer for 7 years. this might not work for you but might be worth a try

  Stuartli 15:18 01 Apr 2007

I'm with TalkTalk's Talk3 International - for £20.99 you get up to 8MB broadband, free AnyTime UK calls to local, 01 and 02 numbers; free AnyTime International calls to 30 countries including Australia, Europe, the States and Canada and, what's more, it also includes your £11 BT line rental...:-)

But you have to clarify that you require the £9.99 phone package to include the international calls (the UK only equivalent is £8.99); the £9.99, of course, is part of the overall £20.99 monthly charge.

This is due to Ofcom ruling that TT's claim of "free" broadband could potentially be misinterpreted or changed.

Only "snag" from your point of view may be the 40GB monthly broadband cap. See:


click here

(International upgrade panel).

  Stuartli 15:20 01 Apr 2007

Since the switch from One.Tel (which had, in fact been taken over by CarphoneWarehouse) to Talk3 International last May, my phone bill records have continued to be absolutely accurate.

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