Which Broadband Package

  Sparky 77777 10:59 04 Sep 2003

I am looking to sign up for Broadband. At the moment, I am looking at either Tiscali, BT or Freeserve.

Does anybody have any feelings about them as they look much the same.

  MjM Hellfire 11:16 04 Sep 2003

NTL would be my choice, BT take more money to install the service than NTL do, and they are slightly more expensive.

Thats if you have NTL in your area.

  Linus Tourvald 11:19 04 Sep 2003

dont go with ticali for a start. If you can get NTL snap it up, if not click here
i have been using them for a year now with no problems at all. and they have a free tech support forum, like this exept one to one with the techys

  Linus Tourvald 11:20 04 Sep 2003

sorry i mean tiscali

  Mezzo 11:21 04 Sep 2003

Freeserve are very good. I've not no trouble with them, ie have had 24/7 broadband access since Jan.

Check out click here for others though.

  accord 11:40 04 Sep 2003

if your in NTL area go for that its cheaper and faster than ADSL.

if not then check out Mezzos' link above

  Borg-Clone 11:45 04 Sep 2003

Lots of factors to consider here, including does the package include a DSL modem or router, what the contention ratio is (20:1, 50:1)- check these out as this will affect performance and speed of the line. Length of contract can be an issue (if you are not happy with the service). Some more to consider (depending on the broadband package and location) is Griffin offering a 2Mbps service <click here>
Also to get you thinking about the Broadband modem/router Linksys have a great selection (incl wireless and onboard stateful firewalls). Easy to use, great support, lower security risk...
click here

  sierra 11:53 04 Sep 2003

I am using Freeserve Broadband with no problems. Currently they have a very good offer,have a look .

  Borg-Clone 11:53 04 Sep 2003

Accord:- what do you mean ntl is cheaper and faster than adsl ? You need to understand what the contention ratios are and the cable penetration in your area to get "faster" than adsl. cable uses different technology which could result in much higher contention ratios and therefore be much slower than the equivalent adsl line. Be careful what is says on the tin. Try this for size click here

  abc77 13:16 04 Sep 2003

I use AOL, I only need to pay £ 16 for the first six months and the normal price after that with a free modem and free connection. It works out around £22 with 512k downloading speed for a year. I probably will use it for a year and review. Not sure if the non AOL user can get this deal.

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