Which is better WEP or WPA...

  Weeby-Vuit 10:17 23 Oct 2007

Which is better WEP or WPA, please explain.

  mgmcc 11:13 23 Oct 2007

WPA is the more secure form of encryption and was introduced to overcome the vulnerabilities of WEP which, with the right software, is easily defeated.

  Weeby-Vuit 11:53 23 Oct 2007

cool, cheers for that,

  Ashrich 19:55 23 Oct 2007

Providing your PC's are using XP sp2 and are of suitable specification , then WPA , but some older computers that do not have XP ( or service packs loaded ) or are low on power and memory may not be able to handle WPA in which case use WEP with MAC filtering , even WEP is better than nothing .

  irishrapter 21:58 23 Oct 2007

Don't forget that WPA is only as strong as the password you use.

If you use a dictionary based password like "password" Or "Computer" then it can be easily cracked.

Use a long random password of at least 20 characters. click here for a random one.

  Weeby-Vuit 21:46 31 Oct 2007


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