Which is better AMD or P4?

  Tombojo 17:58 14 Feb 2003

I was recently browsing through a pc magazine which whas debating which chip had the most power under its hood. The article which I read was comparing the new AMD XP 3000+ to the latest P4 chip, the article mentioned that the latest AMD chip had the same clock speed as the AMD xp2700+ (2.2Ghz ish) but that its power was far superior to the Pentium4 (3.0Ghz ish), could someone explain why in simpletain terms why this is the case.

  bremner 18:07 14 Feb 2003

Take a look at the comparisons here click here

  jimv7 18:10 14 Feb 2003

If you have loads of money and want a fast processor, get a p4.

If not so well off and want a 'really' fast processor, get an AMD.

  Tombojo 18:38 14 Feb 2003

so which is better AMD or P4 overall?

  billyliv 19:04 14 Feb 2003

Hi, I am using two self built systems. One P4 1.5 Ghz, the other AMD duron 1.1 Ghz, the difference is amazing. None whatsoever. Cheers, Bill

  woodchip 19:25 14 Feb 2003

used AMD for many years. As above if you have money to burn buy Intel. But I will stick with AMD

  Grantrh 20:34 14 Feb 2003

I agree with Woodchip - the P4 from what I have read is slightly faster than the AMD but not worth the much larger price tag.

  eccomputers 22:46 14 Feb 2003

speaking from experience, over 3000 computers repaired, I can say that I would recommend Intel processors every time. Whenever I have had motherboards go on systems, the AMD processors have always died with them, but Intel seem a lot more robust and tend to survive hardware disasters. Last year, an electrical storm knocked out a local power station and it caused a surge. All the AMD systems in the town blew the motherboards, processors and memory. Not ONE Intel processor was blown, motherboards yes, but no Intel processors were blown with the surge.
I have also been to many customers where the cpu cooling fan has seized up, and if this is AMD within seconds the processor is cooked to death. Intel seems to survive this very well.

  User-312386 22:55 14 Feb 2003

i also understand that AMD runs hotter than P4's


  eccomputers 00:00 15 Feb 2003

amd processors draw much more power and yes they do run very hot. If you get a hot day and your fans are not 'large enough' you will get many freezing states.

  Migwell 00:34 15 Feb 2003

Some like Rolls Royce and others like the Ford Ka

on a 70 MPH motorway they both can only do the leagle 70 MPH so why bother spending out all that money for a Rolls Royce when the other will do just as well in the end?

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