Which is the best trojan scanner?

  CurlyWhirly 06:46 22 Oct 2004

I have the registered version of a2 trojan scanner and even though I have had a few trojans on my PC the a2 scanner has never detected them and I was only able to delete them using the registered version of PestPatrol.
I have downloaded the time limited trial of Trojan Hunter from click here and I was just wondering whether Trojan Hunter can detect more than a2?
Has anybody used the registered version of Trojan Hunter and if so what does he/she think of it?

  bertiecharlie 10:39 22 Oct 2004


I've got the registered version of Trojan Hunter. It may well pick up things that A2 misses and vica versa. I don't use the real time protection of TH because it uses quite a bit of cpu every ten seconds as it checks the processes in memory. What I do like about it is that you can do a quick scan which takes about ten seconds.

I also have PestPatrol, including the Memory Check, which takes up next to nothing in terms of CPU. (Its a hobby of mine collecting all these programmes!) After the last two or three updates of PP, it has detected an "Unknown Trojan". This is a false alarm and may be what you are referring to. This so called unknown Trojan was actually deposited on my system at the exact same time as the PP update in a temporary file. Make of that what you will. PP is well known for false positives but it might just save my bacon one day.

Trojan Hunter is well thought of but unless, like me, you like collecting security programmes, I would think A2 would do the job pretty well and its free. (There is shortly to be a new beta available from A2).

  Spark6 11:33 22 Oct 2004


Could you provide more info on the 'few' trojans you've had on your PC.

What problems were they causing?

How did you become aware that they were on your PC?

What were they?

I'm sure a number of us would appreciate, and learn from, your response.

  bertiecharlie 11:52 22 Oct 2004

PS. Forgot to mention. Another good programme is Ewido from click here

Initially, you get a fully functional free trial but if you don't buy it they let you keep the basic version for free. It is updated with new signatures almost daily. Again, I don't use the real time protection features. It sits well with A2, no conflicts.

  CurlyWhirly 13:29 22 Oct 2004

The trojans that I was referring to was the exact one that you mentioned namely "Unknown Trojan" which WAS detected by PestPatrol.
Along with this description there was also mention of a 'backdoor trojan'.

Both of these affected my internet connection as I couldn't get online after and this led me to the conclusion that I had Malware on my PC.
I think I will just use a2 for now then as it seems that PestPatrol giving me a false positive is the cause?
Regarding the registered version of a2 do either of you know when we are to have the FULL version as I have paid for it around 5 months ago and the following sections are still blanked out namely "IDS", "Advanced IDS" & "System firewall".

When you go the the a2 website there is info saying that the extra features are available soon but they have been saying this for months!!!

  CurlyWhirly 13:34 22 Oct 2004

p.s. Before you received the 'Unknown Trojan' prompt did this false positive affect your internet connection like what happened with me?

This is why I thought that a2 wasn't doing it's job as it didn't detect them and now I know why as they were 'false positives' IF what you say is right (which I don't doubt!)

  bertiecharlie 13:47 22 Oct 2004


There was no affect on my internet connection, so I can only think it was a coincidence in your case. The next time PP updates, do a quick scan to see if it finds the unknown Trojan. If it does, don't delete it. Because it is detecting this in a temporary file, which it has just created, just reboot and you will find that it has gone.

  CurlyWhirly 13:50 22 Oct 2004

Thank you for your very helpful advice in your last post.
I will indeed do a quick scan when I update next time and if the Unknown Trojan is detected then I will just reboot as you said above.

  Spark6 14:25 22 Oct 2004

Happy to know the trojans were, probably, introduced by software that was supposed to locate, identify, and remove them. Methinks no Pest Patrol for me. Others can make their own minds up.

  Curio 19:09 22 Oct 2004

click here Solved lots of problems for me and convinced me to buy it.

  bertiecharlie 22:04 22 Oct 2004


Just updated the PestPatrol definitions. The unknown Trojan is now apparently in Sonic, my CD burning programme. I won't delete it on the off chance that I'll never be able to burn another CD.

Also that I have TrojanDownloader Win32 Agent cp in my Symantec folder. On the further information page it says a TrojanDownloader is designed to retrieve and install additional files. A bit like updating your virus definitions?! It actually names the Symantec file ccregvfy.exe click here

I won't delete the ccregvfy file just on the off chance that I won't be able to update the Norton Antivirus definitions ever again.

They are turning what used to be a good programme into, well .....

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