Which is the best and most reliable ISP?

  chartwise 08:23 06 Mar 2008

I am currently with Tisacali and signed up to their 8mb package.

The service I find is abyssmal. I can only get a maximum of 1.75mb. Their servers are constantly suffering outages.
In the last 5 weeks I have experienced no connection for 15 days. One of these times was continuous for 8 days.

I am searching to find the fastest and (most important) a reliable connection as I work from home and cannot afford to have the service disrupted like this.

I do NOT want either AOL or cable.

Anyone know of any reviews in ISP's?

  johnnyrocker 08:32 06 Mar 2008

try click here for an isp comparison, but it is a bit like asking best car as people will have their favourites.


  andy625 08:33 06 Mar 2008

We use Newnet. Very reliable, excellent (UK based) customer service if there is a problem. Not necessarily the cheapest, but we've not had any disruption in service for over a year. Our speed is only 1.1, but that is due to the location of our house according to BT

  hastelloy 08:38 06 Mar 2008

A lot depends on individual experience and preference. I left Tiscali about 12 months ago for similar reeasons but there are those who have had no problems with them. At the moment I'm with Zen and can't fault them. Their customer service is reputed to be brilliant but I've never had cause to use it. Also its a monthly contract. Look at click here#. I'm thinking of trying ADSL24 as they're cheaper and give a higher download cap. Again its only a monthly contract.

  FatboySlim71 08:45 06 Mar 2008

I'm with Zen click here I find them very reliable and get consistantly fast speeds at whatever times of day I use the internet. I moved to Zen from AOL, and I cannot tell you the improvment since moving to Zen.

My internet speed used to always slow down significantly of an evening with AOL, but this does not happen since moving to Zen. I blame the slow down on AOL having a so called UNLIMITED DOWNLOAD LIMIT (there simple is no such thing as an unlimited download limit, its a fair use policy?).

I have experiencesd myself and have colliges who tell me this as well, that if you are with an ISP who has a monthly download limit, you are a lot more likely to get a more steady/consistant download speed than an ISP who has a UNLIMITED DOWNLOAD LIMIT. I know this was true in my experience since moving to Zen.

  jack 09:21 06 Mar 2008

And as usual take those sites that make fabulous offers for next nothing with a pinch of salt.
Something has to give - you will pay for help line calls, high bit rate will depend on local exchange/distance condition and traffic volumes- something the ISP cannot control easily because it will be largely upto the the net work [BT- they own the wires - who ever it is your provider is]
Of course too -the bigger the 'Bargain' the more folk sign up- the busier the network- the poorer the service
Logic really.

So pick a small dedicated provider that does not make silly promises it cant keep --- like mine.

Which one am I one?
As if I would let on- don't want all and sundry spoiling it for me, now do I ;-D

  rawprawn 09:29 06 Mar 2008

I left Tiscali for exactly the same reasons, I went to BT and I am delighted.

  Graham. 09:44 06 Mar 2008

Been with Sky for a year. They are an LLU ISP, which means you jump straight onto their system at your local exchange.

Not one spam so far.

  chartwise 16:38 06 Mar 2008

Many thanks for you all your reponses.

I will check on them. Zen looks good so I will see into it.

Again Many Thanks

  bukkaz 17:37 06 Mar 2008

To be fair to Tiscali here, as they always seem to get a pasting on here, I'm with them and am getting 3.5 -5.5 most times I run a check. Tests tell me I can only expect to get 6.2 where I am so I'm quite happy with that. 3 times in five years unable to get online, shortest time 6 hours longest about 30 hours. Considering the relatively cheap price I'm quite happy with that.

  jack 20:31 07 Mar 2008

He says.
Now I am not on Tiscali and have no reason to beat them but.......................
This very morning a neighbourtwho I helped set up earlier this year on to a Tiscali dial up to get started,decided to go for Broad Band.
His package came to-day- and he was knocking on my door telling me he could not get it connected.
The packing note said - USB Modem - which is exactly what he wanted [ Indeed has to have- because this is the only connector his machine has.]
What is in the box?
An ethernet router/
He speny an hour on the phone pressing the buttons and getting nowhere
I sent an E-mail on his behalf

So far the response has been Zilch

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