Which is the best laptop for connecting to TV?

  jannyp 12:02 24 Sep 2009

Hi, folks!

I'm currently considering swapping from digital TV subscription via topbox in favour of downloading more TV, film etc from the net.

My desktop pc is upstairs, well away from the TV. As most pc to TV convertors work via USB and I don't fancy knocking holes in the ceiling using a laptop for the downloads then connecting that to the TV seems the best way forward. Am I wrong?

If I'm right, which laptop would you recommend? My budget is fairly limited but in an ideal world I'd like to be able to set up the laptop for TV, online music etc and run the sound through my hi-fi's amp as well as connecting to TV.

Sorry if there's more waffle than info. I hope you can help.

  ashleycardwell94 20:59 24 Sep 2009

a recent pc world advert on tv - it said that you could stream content from your pc to your tv, il try and find some info now

  Tim1964 20:24 25 Sep 2009

I use this, using homeplugs to connect PC to TV.

It's not that cheap but mine was from eBay.

  Tim1964 20:25 25 Sep 2009

Ooops, forgot to add link

click here

  jannyp 10:58 26 Sep 2009

To ashleycardwell94: Thanks very much for the link. I'm having a great time browsing the site - lots to consider.

  jannyp 11:03 26 Sep 2009

To Tim1964: That looks great :) But when you say 'using homeplugs to connect PC to TV' it seems like we're back to a wired solution - or have I got it wrong?

As you've probably gathered from my enquiry, wireless is a mystery to me - I like to use it, but setting it up is another matter entirely.

  Tim1964 00:22 30 Sep 2009


The streamer I have comes wired only as, according to the manufacturers, wireless can be a bit 'ropey' especially for HD stuff. Wirelees versions are available.

Although my PC and TV are only 15ft apart in the same room, running a cable between is not an ideal solution. I have 2 'homeplug' devices (had boy's PS2 networked) so I use those.

Don't forget that the homeplugs can use a very short CAT5 cable (or as long as you need) to connect them to the PC and Streamer. So, although it is 'wired' there are no cables running between........except the leccy cables in the walls of course.

  Rigga 07:43 30 Sep 2009

Have you considered the WD TV? it's a media streaming box, that uses an external HDD for the media.

It's much cheaper (around £70) than buying a laptop, especially if you already have a usb hdd.

Review > click here <

So it would be a case of download, transfer to external drive, move that to the WD TV then play.

Just a thought. R.

  ArrGee 22:56 02 Oct 2009

I would suggest getting a cheap set-top box that has USB multi-format playback.

No wires, nor wireless. Just download your content onto the PC, transfer to a USB stick, and put the stick in the set-top box.

With a 4gb stick, you can get around 8 hours of viewing on decent quality.

You can pick up a set-top box with USB capability from Sumvision for £25 and 4gb sticks are dirt cheap. (A 16gb from Maplins is about £25)

click here;-DivX-Player-Digital-Freeview-TV-Reciever-And-Media-Centre/34184042/79

  jannyp 11:25 06 Oct 2009

Some great suggestions here and plenty of options to consider. Many, many thanks to everyone who's contributed :)

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