which is the best camcorder format?

  Mr Alien 08:35 28 May 2004


I am toying with te idea of getting a camcorder.

But what is the difference between cVHS, 8mm, Hi8, DV ... ? I know they are different types of tapes and cVHS are very big, but is one better than the other?

Any recommendations on a good cheap camcorder?


  byfordr 08:48 28 May 2004

Define cheap...£300, £400, £500, £2000?

mini-dv camcorders tend to be nice a light. There are some new ones with DVD storage coming in. click here

Best bet is to go along out on the high street and try a few out. Even if a product has the best reviews, theres nothing worse than finding you don't like the looks/weight/features etc


  stlucia 08:48 28 May 2004

Digital format is the best quality, and is ready for editing on your PC (if you want to). VHS, 8mm, and Hi8 (I think) are all analogue, so I personally would rule them out.

DV (digital video) uses a mini tape. Sony now do a digital camera which records direct onto DVD, but that's more bulky.

So, I would recommend any DV camera. Then look for a good brand name with the largest optical zoom that fits your budget.

  hoodlums 08:53 28 May 2004

Hi.. I recently got a camcorder from the Canon MV range (DV). Very happy with almost every aspect of it. The quality is far superior to the old Hi8 we had for a bit. The connections are fairly comprehensive and can run back and fro to your pc via firewire/svideo or usb2.

My only problem is i have man sized hands and some of the buttons are a bit of a pain to get to. I would get yourself down the shops and ask to get to grips with a few.

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