Which is best?

  Michael Kelly 16:39 23 Jan 2007


I use my tiscali 8mb connection regularly to play with my xbox 360 on Live.

However, it seems I have a slow ping which results in poor connection to other players. My router has multiple settings to choose from, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what would be best for my Xbox.

At the moment I'm using PPPoA - is this best? Is there anything else I should change other than this such as MTU or anything else?

Any help appreciated,

  Michael Kelly 16:46 23 Jan 2007

Connection speeds are OK though, but very varied

  Michael Kelly 18:02 23 Jan 2007

Anybody got any ideas?

  Totally-braindead 18:04 23 Jan 2007

Sorry but I know nothing at all about X box consoles only PCs.
Maybe someone else can help.

  ed-0 18:13 23 Jan 2007

click here and click here

have a word with Mr. Tibbs and ask him to run a line check for you.

  Michael Kelly 23:57 23 Jan 2007

Also, my download speeds were unusually slow today when I attempted to download The Crackdown demo off Xbox live - 1.24GB. Eventually finished.

My point is that I have been using the internet a lot during the course of the month, and although the package is described as being unlimited, speeds have decreased through the month - not just on Xbox live, but on my computer too. Could they have put me as a lower priority as a result?

Thanks for your help above,

  ed-0 06:40 24 Jan 2007

Yes, but they usually send you a FUP warning via email.

  Michael Kelly 17:53 24 Jan 2007

Yeah, they sent me the warning and my speeds are dreadful. Do you know the speed will return to normal?

Help much appreciated,

  ed-0 18:18 24 Jan 2007

Well you must have been doing some heavy downloads or on some P2P sites at heaviest time of the day.

Unfortunately, it could be months. I suggest that you register with the tiscali forums and read the threads on FUP throttling. It may give you some information on how you could redeem yourself quicker than normal.

Some say that at peak times they have no better speed than dial-up and of course the ping is dreadfull.

  Dipso 21:34 24 Jan 2007

You'd probably be better off finding another ISP that doesn't throttle, providing you're not tied into a contract that is.

  Michael Kelly 22:14 24 Jan 2007

Unfortunately, I am tied to a contract.

This evening I've read some terrible reviews regarding Tiscali, although more than likely because I've been looking for them.

From what I've read, Tiscali has some serious debt problems and therefore needs a means of sorting it out. One person believes that Tiscali has 75% of its customers on the "Naughty list" because it does not have the capability to provide a quality service for all of its users.

I have, however, found that some people have managed to recieve their MAC address for a switchover after exceeding three FUP warnings whilst still within the 12 month contract.

Like I say, I regularly use the internet for gaming and also download large files off Xbox Live marketplace.

I'm really confused as to where to go from here. I have only been with my ISP for around a month.

If anyone could advise me on what to do that would be excellent.

Thanks for all of your excellent help so far,

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