Which Antivirus with Incredimail and Firefox?

  fred2 17:09 26 Dec 2005

Hi. I use Incredimail and Firefox for emails and browsing. (Because I was told they are slightly less likely to get hacked into).
I use Panda Titanium antivirus 2005.
When I do a full scan of my computer with Panda Titanium. It appears to be set to look only at the email folders in Outlook Express! It does not seem to know or recognise that I use Incredimail. I've spent hours looking for a way to configure it to scan Incredimail email folders. I've emailed both Panda and Incredimail a couple of times for some sort of advice, and had no response from either of'em!
Can you help or recommend an antivirus prog that is compatible with Incredimail? The nil response from Panda and Incredimail has put me right off 'em!
PS I also have 'Mailwasher' and 'Zone Alarm' fitted!
Many thanks Fred

  ade.h 18:36 26 Dec 2005

If the full scan really is a full scan, then every single file on all your partitions should be scanned, regardless of what program uses it. Otherwise it's not really a full scan is it? Most AVs have a certain amount of options regarding how much is scanned; compressed folders, system files, etc. Tick all the relevant boxes and it should be fine.

I don't use Panda, so I'm not overly familiar with it, though I do know that it is one of the few AVs that can scan at a root level. So you're lucky, given the recent rise in rootkit-based malware.

As for on-the-fly email scanning as messages arrive; that is generally much more limited, usually to Outlook and Outlook Express. Users of Thunderbird, etc. are not guaranteed full compatibility. That one depends on the AV.

  fred2 15:13 27 Dec 2005

Dear ade.h
Many thanks for your reassurance. As I understand it, you are saying that, 'If a virus got through via an Incredimail email, the normal full Panda scan would find it'? So I should do a full scan more often then?!!!!!!
(I have Panda set on auto update every time I connect, so most viruses should be reasonably covered) I've ticked every box I can find for it to check, including a the list of all the file extentions etc.
I dont really know what the terms Root level scans and rootkit-based malware are! But you seem fairly happy that Panda does a good job. So perhaps I'll continue with it despite the nil response from their help contact line!!!
Again very many thanks Regards Fred2

  ade.h 15:21 27 Dec 2005

A manually triggered or scheduled full system scan should include any stored email files, caches, etc. regardless of file format.

If you downloaded some malware through an email, Panda should recognise and quarantine it if it runs. If it's in an attachment, Panda will scan it when you open it, just as it will with any other document.

However, all this assumes that Panda's definitions include whatever viurs you may get, which is not always the case of course. There's no such thing as total 100% protection unfortunately.

As AVs go, Panda is pretty good in some respects - rootkit scanning for example - but average in others - such as response time. It's preety okay, as far I can tell.

As you don't know about rootkits, I suggest some reading. I'll get some links for you later.

  ade.h 15:26 27 Dec 2005

click here There's a good place to start.

click here

click here

click here

click here for a worrying corporate use for rootkits.

Don't have nightmares!

  fred2 15:54 27 Dec 2005

Wow that was quick! Thank you ade.h and PcAdvisor.
I think I've got the gist of rootkits. They appear to be really nasty progs that can hide on your computer and can do untold damage?
If Panda is good at finding these then I'll definitly stay with it!
Very, very many thanks for all your help and patience. Regards Fred2

  ade.h 16:07 27 Dec 2005

Happy to help.

  fred2 17:20 04 Feb 2006

Hi folks,
Afraid I finally lost patience with the nil responses from Panda.
I have downloaded Avast Anti Virus and have been using that without problems for a couple of weeks.
Dont know if it is as thorough as Panda? but It updates every few minutes and I know my emails are being checked as well now.
And its FREE!
Many thanks for all your help ade.h.

  spuds 23:44 04 Feb 2006

You should be quite safe with Avast. The same applies to AVG. Both very well recommended, and both will work with Incredimail and Firefox.I have used AVG for ages, never had any problems. Recently downloaded Avast to another computer, and so far, everything is working out well.

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