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  Koochy 08:54 26 Nov 2009

My father and his friend were recently discussing P.C. security and my father explained that his anti virus subscription was about to run out (Mcafee) and that he was thinking about changing but wasn't sure which one to go for he said he has read good reviews for NOD32 but his friend insists on Norton 360 V3 (He says it has to be V3 as V2 was rubbish) - now i remember reading lots of posts on here in the past saying that Norton was very resource hungry and slowed everything up, to which i have had previous experience, I asked my father why he was wanting a paid for one when the likes of AVG are free and have kept me virus free for a few years now but he insists that paid for ones are better (Nowt for nowt in this world was his exact quote).
So the question is can anyone give good or bad experiences with either NOD32 or Norton 360.
My father has limited experience with computers so the more user friendly the software makes it better for me in the long run.
He is running windows Vista home premium for now but looking to upgrade to Windows 7 home premium in the near future

Thanks in advance


  rawprawn 09:17 26 Nov 2009

Tell him to get Avast free click here

  Technotiger 09:23 26 Nov 2009

I used AVG Free for many years, but have now changed to Microsoft Security Essentials free, and which I now recommend to anyone interested in Anti-virus software. I don't see any real advantage in paying for such protection, I have used the Free version since 2000 without any problems.

My GF has the paid for version of AVG, yet I am often having to help her sort out virus/trojan problems etc.

  Al94 09:26 26 Nov 2009

Agree with rawprawn, use Avast free on three home pcs and no problems for several years.

  rawprawn 09:27 26 Nov 2009

Microsoft Security Essentials free is a really good thought from Technotiger, I had forgotten about that one.

  ^wave^ 09:45 26 Nov 2009

avg have used it for many years without any probs including this latest ver9 all free

  birdface 09:45 26 Nov 2009

Nod32 is supposed to be the best.So if he is willing to pay let him go for that.
Avast is supposed to be the best of the freebies.

Microsoft Security Essentials free is new and only been out about 6 weeks so hard to say how good or bad it is only time will tell.

You need good Anti-Malware programs installed to back up the Anti-virus.Superantispyware.A Squared.Malwarebytes are recommended.
Malwarebytes with any one of the other two should do.
Once again you have the choice of using the free versions or paying for the full versions.

  reply4reply 12:06 26 Nov 2009

as a tech guy, "not pc world one, gosh no" I recommend "avira" its the best sofar

doesnt slow down pc
easy to use "u dont have to use it works auto"
cheaper, smart and very powerfull

avira.com or avira.co.uk
download the premium version its £29.99

  mooly 12:16 26 Nov 2009

Having used MSE since it was in beta and now final release I woudn't choose anything else.
No compatability issues, no hit on resources, easy interface and simple to use.

It's a complete Antivirus/Rootkit/malware package.

A key requirement is to fully remove any previous AV software that is "memory resident".... but that applies to whichever product you choose.

click here

  provider 2 12:27 26 Nov 2009

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  kdt 14:12 26 Nov 2009

I switched from Avast to MSE

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